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How much time we have listening second Guess what? We have two minutes left. But can you stay with us? I have an open second, one more segment, and then we can get into all the great places. You've been got some other clips from last night. I want to play Then that mean you will riff a little bit. You know what points? They hit Good. On. This issue is basically like a whole past like you gotta ask the teacher. If you could go into New York is a violation of privacy as American citizens. We don't have to get permission to go anywhere in the country and we don't have to say what we're doing in New York City, whether I was coming to New York to do Media about the GOP convention or to come and have dinner with friends or go shopping. Whatever my purposes for coming here, whether it was business related or personal. I don't ask you to give that to him for me, and this actually requires it and it requires a lot of personal information. That is really a violation of our privacy as American citizens hate it. I hate it now. One thing that when you went through the hole A list of things you might be doing other than business, you know, and maybe, you know, going a dinner or lunch or media. The main thing you should always say is if you're going to New York. What do you want in New York for Marta? I'm gonna have a liquid lunch with Johnny Tobacco friends, and that's the best thing you could say. Right off the bat like Wow. What is that, right, Well, right now I'm in the studio right across from Smith and Wollensky. And guess what? It's close. I know it Sorrel I know. And mother I'm in my living room. I'm broadcasting from my living room. You know what I mean? But, hey, At least we're still speaking to America, which which is important, but You know the things that the gulf between the governor and the mayor we have here We have not had a more anti American dynamic duo ever that I can remember. They are literally treating New York City in particular is being treated like a concentration camp almost within even the state, But we're gonna take a quick break. We're going to come back right after this would be a lovely, talented and a huge trump supported Chairman of Vote America First Martha Moneta right after this Strong for exactly high tide. All in how you much just so you know when we're on commercial was still live on Facebook. So I usually Facebook on on the brakes. We joke around a bit. All right. Well, I was just talking about how you know A lot of these restaurants are not going to survive this winter because you know the restaurant. We were at last evening. We were told that your governor and you're mayor are going not have indoor sheeting until 2021. Some of these restaurants are just they've already said we're not gonna be able to survive. No, I mean, I did. I did a story last week. 15,000 restaurants in America already closed permanently on the other ones, you know, hanging on by his strength, you know, on a wing and a prayer that it's a wing and a prayer. That's it, And that's not the American way. No, it's not The American way mean so down. It's like it's like so obvious, so obvious that this is this is this is you know, it's like it's like it's like an attempt to change the administration through public comedians. You know what I mean? That's exactly right. That's exactly right. And I know we'll talk about this. But, you know, I just traveled across the country. I was in the Midwest, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming. People crave freedom. I don't care where you are in our country. The American people are tired of this. You know, moms and dads. They want their kids in school Children want to be in school. Wei need to talk about the unintended consequences of all of this. Or maybe it is intended because I've always said they hate America. So they hate the president more than they love America. And that's what we're seeing here, But, yeah, you know, you're right, you know? So when I was a younger man, I was a terrible gambler. I mean, like one of the worst gambles ever. You know, For some reason, I kept thinking I was good at it, and I was just missing. You know on DH? Sometimes you win big. You know what I mean? Yes, I am good at this. You know, Right? When I finally came to my senses, right,.

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