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Listening to a special presentation of NPR's white lies I know well king our investigation is trying to establish the truth about an attack on the Reverend James reap he was beaten on the streets of Selma Alabama in nineteen sixty five he was there to participate in voting rights marches as we rejoin the show reads friends are rushing him to a hospital and whose chip Brantley picks it up from there Dr Alan Dimmick was one of the surgeons on call at Birmingham's university hospital that night then I can been hired in July of nineteen sixty three just a couple of months before members of the Ku Klux Klan by on the sixteenth street Baptist church one Sunday morning killing four girls and injuring dozens of others to make a bit of a hospital and it fell on him to pronounce the four little girls that and now on the night of March ninth nineteen sixty five gimmick was home when he got a call about a head injury and route from Selma this man the river had men and just had a meal at a restaurant had just walked out and was attacked by a mob got hit over the head so I knew he had hit injury and that's reason I want to make sure and surgeon was available to take care of it a when I got there to the emergency department I was amazed at the mass of people that were there not just not just the press but everybody who's interested the ambulance finally pulled into the emergency room entrance around eleven PM gimmick remember seeing the ER doors swing open the structure with general then I remember vividly we brought the patient and to the one of the cubicles there and I was standing over the head of the patient he wouldn't rating will so we had to do what we call a tracheotomy on and looked up and there was a television camera grounding away the nurse couldn't walk across the room to get a suture or get a dressing or anything because it's so many people in the room so it was a mess it was chaos and there's you can well imagine by the time a re read arrived in it down Wednesday Jim was on life support the hospital is keeping the press away from the family the only on the promise that they get interview marine she desperately did not want to have to be interviewed but those around her and told her that she had an obligation this tragedy was not just a personal one but that the whole world was watching and waiting for word from so just twenty four hours after husband had been attacked three walked into the hospital director's office TV cameramen reporters photographers your crowded into the cramped space reset behind the hospital directors to ask her hands were clasped in front of her and she looked down at them with a microphone throughout most of the interview was the decision for your husband to come here a mutual decision did you sit down together and discuss the best home about six of the eight I was preparing supper yeah come upstairs to discuss the matter he said that he wanted to go to Selma and what I thought of and I said that's I would prefer that he didn't go but I knew how we felt and I knew that they felt that he had to go did you have any communication with your husband prior to the time he was attacked yes he called about eight to say that yeah everything was fine and that he would be home the next do you think the cause which your husband came to Selma was worth it I don't feel that I can answer that for myself I can only answer for jam that to any consequences that might occur did right there at this one of the last questions was about their four children what if they even told Marie answered I told the children this morning as soon as they woke up their father had been hurt the youngest ones did not fully understand but the thirteen year old was quite upset our range of arming.

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