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Home. Does anyone have anything else they want to discuss. I wanted to know that. I love love. Love cannot say how much i love that. We don't know anything basically or care about any of the boyfriends yup. When you said his name was johnny. I was like that i believe was his name but the fact that we barely you know is telling is johnny and name janis another name. Johnny's just like a young john. John's there's giannis and there's jonathan name of the guy from the room. You're just not johnny exactly. It's not a name johnny. Johnny is a shorthand for like random. Young man johnny here. No but i. I love that. Because i think so often when people talk about stories that humanize oechsler hers. They're like yeah. What's it like when she goes home to boyfriend cares you've adduced value. Just like all the other men in her life. Sorry my my boyfriend. The record is stuck. But i hate seeing that. It's such a boring. Like oh you the fact that destiny has a child and we see this moment that we just sort of like get sucked into like the two thousand eight crash happens. Destiny gets pregnant. suddenly there's this dude next to her. I was like oh god or we about to see this movie. I don't want but we weren't. Thank god we do. Not i think the only boyfriend of any who is like i mean i guess not extremely negatively relevant but that is one of kiki palmer's motivations. Is her boyfriend. Who is in jail. I don't know if they tell you what it's for But that. That's the only boyfriend that i think comes up multiple times. She's trying to get her boyfriend. Legal assistance right and does end the end. She successful right. But yeah that's treated as more just like that's not even a subplot that's just like a few here and there. Yeah yeah. Kiki wants a brain. She wants a heart. Yeah and i liked it. Everyone does even. Though it's like i mean for for kiki palmer character and oh my god lily reinhart's character definitely definitely who she has But they each have a scene that explains their why and that's all that's all comes from the source material as well really looks good so i liked that speaking of that. Villi reinhard character. On so from twenty. I moved to la antoni sixteen.

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