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'cause he was like oh fuck if there is drugs and stuff in here we ought to get rid of it because it's coming back to us you know it's like all everything is possible. I think what i see here. Look there again. There's no smoking gun that tells me that david is one hundred percent innocent. I strongly questioned the investigation. I even more so question. Joseph wilkes i do see plenty of scenarios where joe could be guilty. David just collateral damage. I also see scenarios where we have other suspects that i have to believe. I've not reviewed the trial transcripts but one thing. The point out here is joe. Had no trial he confessed. And then he testified against david thorne and not over overly whelming lee convincing in his testimony against david thorne. Either i think you pointed out that he on your show that he says. I don't know it seems to be the most common answer that he gives while on the stand. I don't know i. I see i see a case where we have other possibilities. We have other good suspects. And i can't believe the defense even made reference to these people. The whole thing here is. I've always said that you're homicide or the the the victim if your family member of a victim your cases only as good as the desk of the officer that it your case file lands on and that's the unfortunate truth of these scenarios and obviously there are some better police forces than others. That will always be the truth but one thing that gets lost in a lot of these true crime cases especially the ones that are solved. Is you know we've presented some cases here in the garage where you get these guys that just get bomb. Frequent lawyers did they. They're happy to take your money but they ain't going to do. Any work for referencing may paid a lot of money. This was a private attorney that they hired david's family they again. They were broke. They used they had money to hire this private attorney. And the defendant is usually blinded by the idea. Oh this guy cost a lot of money. He must know what he's doing. Well i don't know if this guy knew what he was doing or not but he didn't act that way or conduct himself that way. He called three witnesses. The guys on could be facing the death penalty. Were reminds me a lot of the ryan ferguson trial because you have yeah one guy confessing to the crime. The other guy. Saying i wasn't one..

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