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Oh, good. Is. Did you tell people helping you? It's okay. Let be cheap. Can I just say. To get this over with. On the fifth mic drop. It was worth it. Barbershop too. Colin. Oh, sweet. That's a haircut. Words in the title probably won't say that this go to what I was already going that we all missed until I say right now, boys in the hood. Give us that barbershop to tag. Back in the shop still shopping. Faded out burgers. To stay out Whitey. Is there what in the second one? Probably both. What do you think. Who just said. Like like a puppy was dying. She said like a puppy was grown man. Love you back. But now I'm trying to think of the next we're out of time. Do it. I mean, not there yet to. That's okay. You can't say just, are we there yet to that doesn't count? Why not? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Are we? Are we still not there. Are we still miles from our destination. Can we GPS it. Daddy doesn't want a GPS was after the call. At what point during this episode is everyone turned it off..

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