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They don't like that they want to keep everything on chain in a we one single network one single layer so that everything is in the public sphere and his own one single bloc chain so that we get stressed that news there has the reagan craig right tweet as a mouthful he says this was yesterday i think it was is as today bitcoin can scale ten transactions second tested on over four thousand transacted possession on the giga book test net this is fifteen times the volume of the new york stock exchange and thirty three times the australian stock exchange this is scaling now i a little tweet from me from twenty one hours ago i reply to that and on a point of principle right i just said credit where credit is ju if you make a truth claim and then go about backing you up with an experiment who can argue with that approach now that's a principle so it wouldn't matter whether it was a big blocker or whether it was a segue pessene or segue to expressen that was that was doing this this axiom that i've just quoted would still apply if you make a truth claim and then go about backing up with an experiment who can argue would approach so for example bridge avi is always talking about how he complains about bitcoin core saying that you know full blocks uh a key feature of the bitcoin network to make it secure an empty blocks a dangerous well i can either by passing doughnuts than that from a technical point of view so if they if they could show me some actual experimental data that proved that an empty block that was mind four or five times caused the security for an ability than in other wouldn't needs me to trust them right and that's what craig rise to good about doing it.

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