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Animated scat cat cat hat. Yeah E. J. skycap gekas okay. Well I mean he's not just gacat has a degree in. Dj School to become Aj. A lot of people do say you went to school to become a teacher think. I wasn't thinking broadcasting Dj. I was thinking like And I went to school for DJ. And you can't even get your mind work. I didn't go to school for Audio Engineering. Because unlike back I'll he has two turntables with my phone. When I was in the deejay booth and there was a problem. You call a guy. I don't fix it myself right you and the DJ revolved at the engineer. And it's going to come and give you but now that we're in this home studio engineer and Dj this studio. It's a closet me and the brooms hit me in the head guys. Some people new record in their closet. That's nothing I'm sitting at a vacuum standing up like it should be. You know who who has a famous podcast because it in his closet r Kelly because he was trapped in the closet well speaking of R Kelly. It's time for podcasts. Forty two it's the remix. The podcast forty two hot and fresh out the kitchen. I'm Christopher Devos. Sabrina Pierre Jailhouse. I'm Laura e tonight we're going to do the Internet's dumbest questions but before we do that. Let's.

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