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It here. Thank you so much. It's an honor to win this award for the third time. 2020 was definitely a crazy year filled with lots of change growth. Some amazing, memorable moments. 180 straight days of having my nose. There's great plan for very little fans or no stands entire season. Got engaged, and I loved the best people on my career. Wake up one day in the comm, Patrick. Yeah, he and Danica broke up. Maybe about a year ago, just got engaged. I was kind of like just a casual announcement, like just threw that in there while he's accepting its EVP, or I don't know who this person is when she's an actress shelling Woodley. I have no idea that is. I think she was in the movie divergent. Uh, but congratulations to Aaron Rodgers. He's a weirdo. He is man. I don't like his body language on the side of the sidelines. Sometimes questions like Jerk. He doesn't talk to US family either. Now, maybe his family is a group of jerks. But I'm willing to bet that you know there's a little bit on the air inside as well, because they've tried to reach out to him and say, Please come back to our family. He doesn't speak to his brother doesn't speak to his parents. He's a weird dude. That being said, Please come to Indianapolis. Indianapolis too soon as possible. Um, Scott Evil from Austin Powers is 47 Seth Green. The big show is 49 years old W W E superstar surprised Kyle's at work today. He's got some show that my kids watch on Netflix now. Said that it's actually not bad. He was also captain and say no in the movie The Waterboy When Bobby Boucher calls in to speak to the wrestler about that guy's a virgin. It's wides. Oh, my gosh. He was a bad ass basketball player. I think of Wichita State. Wow! Shocker. The chick that plays flow from those progressive insurance commercials is 51. What do you think? Her net worth is? It's got to be millions. Yeah, that's a good gig. Uh, the guy that plays Creed in the office is 78. Yeah. And Nick Nolte, One of the best dy mug shots in the history of the white mug Shots is 80 years old today who said we're talking a lot about goats right now, because of Tom Brady, G O A T. Greatest of all time. The Nick Nolte mug shot is the goat of celebrity mug shots. Um, 36 years ago today, 1985 tragedy struck him or Dukes of Hazzard. Got canceled after six years. I thought it was on from or than six years. I love that show is a kid. So why don't we jump in the hot tub time machine here and have a little Sarah McLachlan style tribute. Away marriage. You wanna scream?.

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