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Yeah we interrupt this episode to bring you a word from our sponsor for sick matic i just got my new mushroom lemonade with charcoal and chagas in the mail yesterday this is a cold drink mix which is really exciting don't think i have tried a culturing mix from poor sick matic but if you're curious about exploring the everyday magic mushrooms this is your brand do you know it's a hot thing now this mushroom thing and forcing matic is at the forefront and they do it right these elixirs are super easy to mix in water an or your favorite nut milk which i like or maybe some of you are still doing dairy so maybe sorry that's outed weird and i still love you if you do i just can't but for sick matic is truly redefining the way we do wellness through elixirs and it it is truly gotten me off my coffee habit they do have coffee mixes which help we knew off it's not as much coffee as you would normally have but then also there mixes like the lion's mane or the court ascetics is a beautiful alternative and truly gives me the energy the focus that i need without the jitters okay i was realizing that my coffee was causing diety raise your hand if you relate okay yep so you can go to force it matic dot com slash almost thirty they will take the discount a check out it is fifteen percent off your first order were so excited to keep sharing this brand with you they are an og sponsor we love them so much and we were recently their first shrimp stars suqing catch us on their instagram check out that post like it up and we shared our favorite mixes mine is mushroom hot ca kalmyks that i.

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