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A pass protector for his quarterback. Alabama now congregating in the tunnel to our left and getting ready to take the field led. By the cheerleading squad running out with the big a flags three of them in here. Come the crimson tide led by Nick Sabin in crimson shirts and helmets with white pants and white trim white numerals a take the field in Alabama. How about the Alabama defense great players at every level up front exquisite Williams the best defensive lineman in the year in the opinion of many now, he's a guy that has come so far during the course of his career. He was only credited with one tackle last week in the Orange Bowl. But he's much more disruptive for the outlook trophy as the top interior live in a country. Clemson now taking the field to the tunnel down to our left on the near side. Dressed in white jerseys with orange numbers orange helmets with the white tiger, Paul logo. And orange pants with purple trim Alabama on defense. Dylan Moses is their leading tackle the linebacker question about Christian. Miller's health at linebacker bothered by a hamstring. And in the back Deontay Thompson unanimous all American to safety the safeties for Alabama big key for their defense. Full outstanding players, but Alabama's on offense led by the quarterback to tongue guy by law. Stars across the front all Americans. John Williams at left tackle in the center. Ross here speaker and Joan Williams got injured in this championship game last year had to come out sat out most of the game big opportunity for him tonight. Jerry, Judy at wide receiver won the Belinda cough. Award is the best in the country. Clemson great upfront, even without Dexter Lawrence. When they're on defense. Isaiah Simmons a key at linebacker Isiah. Simmons is a guy who can cover. It was a safety last year. You'll have a big role in the game tonight questions at safety something that's where you can attack Clemson tantrum. Use a very physical run stopping safety, buddy. When he's in coverage. Sometimes he struggles a little bit. Officials out of the big ten making their way out onto the field. We'll have a toss of the coin in the moment. The captain's gathering on their sideline and getting ready to move to the center of the field. Mike cannon of the big ten is the referee. Now, let's check in with our sideline reporters..

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