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Donnie by I mean, how about that bears kicker blown it that way. Oh, boy dragon and Airbus talking about it. Check. What you say? How many times he hit the upright this year total? I think this makes his fifth or sixth time. Yeah. And twice and on kick yesterday. He's only going to be endorsing double Donner's at this point, Oregon hit the crossbar and the upright. That's the only thing worse, Tom, and Cody Parker missing that kick is being named. Cody Parker power. That makes it a hundred times worse. Why does ain't nobody ever gonna forget that name Steve Bartman, Bill back nurse or O J? His name was Barron garden third. Nobody be talking about today. They just blame special teams or time of possession that Cody parkey next time. He goes to Applebee's. I think the worst part was watching him run off the field. Bam south like a guilty porch. Parrot. Van bears mascot tumbled over like he had a widow maker. With some costumes. They're gonna put him on kiss Cam or making dance. And the way Mr. team and the ball hit the upright lack pause for two seconds changed direction crossbar then change direction. Again, if he don't believe in the magic bullet theory. Very party better. Be thankfully, been locker room for Jack Ruby's. I agree with you. Tom kickers the worst. It's almost unchristian. Same thing. Just happened to my mom. Vanities and not on purpose that sometimes a DJ start the music. I always double klatch and stop the table. She was wrapping down the pole to dead silence. The rhythm is a dancer in bed air just adds to the shame. Kickers trying to get the pound town after putting a rubber on backwards. Backer, burn your tongue. And the worst part was did you see what they had on close captioning sound down. Always watching it as soon as he kicking it came across the screen and all caps. How Lee Suk bang bang now..

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