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A fielder's choice, unable to advance the runner back to the top of the order for Tommy Edison, who takes a change up outside. All one singing. How far would you say Manny Machado was from home plate at the moment, The ball was bunted by Kim. Maybe 10 ft. No one or the one old rather was swinging a foul off one and one. Do you have some Super stat machine? No, I don't exactly know. I don't have statcast for that. I was going to say about 20 ft, but still We agreed he was really close. Like he was right there When you got your heart to me, he was in the photo. He was in the photo 11 fastballs there one into. Yeah. Photo bombed. The picture of the dead is it absolutely did. And if the third baseman can photo bomb the bunt attempt the chance of the bunt attempt being successful. Is reduced. That's just basic analytics to nothing. Cardinals top of the second throw to first and Kim back in. So we have Kwon Young Kim, the pitcher for ST Louis, and we have Ha Sung Kim, the shortstop for San Diego. No relation between the 21 Ball two strikes the Count on Tommy Edmund. And a swing and a bouncing ball to the right side, the second basement Marcano to Kim at second to force him the lead runner. They don't have a chance for two and Edmund will reach on the fielder's choice to down. I know you always want to keep a man out of scoring position and cut off that lead runner, But I just wonder you let him get the second. He's the picture. He's gonna have to stay out there, all lady He might have to try to score from second base what you might be able to gain when he goes back to the mound. Now I know it's just automatic. Cut this guy off. Keep a runner out of scoring position, but sometimes And work to your advantage of the picture stays out of the base paths. All any long, admin. Pretty good speed. He's the runner at first is Dylan Carlson takes a slider in for his strike. Cardinal right fielder had a base hit and then scored on the home. Run by Ah, Renato. In the top of the first to Carlson, now 11 for 24 on the season against left handed pitching. Backed out of the box. A couple of steps now back in there is adamant, draws to throw at first cardinals to Padres Nothing. San Diego 15 to 4 Friday night, had a 5 to 1 lead and then held on late as the Cardinals got two in the eighth and one of the night And then the Padres obliterated the Cardinals. 13 to 3 last night, now was swinging a ground ball to short. Easy play from Kim to Marcano force Edmund and retire the side. No runs, no hits. There was an heir and a man left on going to the bottom of the second. It's the Cardinals to on the Padres, Nothing this'll, his Sunday night baseball.

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