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Absolutely and any artist if they don't have quite the right size for you you can make something of publication called commissioning art it doesn't cost anymore but then you get the exact right use of our for your purposes in your heart is just on the wall sure there are pieces for the table throughout the morning and we have a lot of people who are emerging fashion designers will also be at the Evanston child where are sure it is always a good idea and people can go by the way to into productions dot dot com and you can actually preview all these artists but I was looking at Kristin Kristen lingo leader and Jessica McMillan their their fashion works Heidi has who's got some it's a great casual wear that's that's really really nice candle holders I loved Greg so Sabean skis candle holders he's a really beautiful little pieces of art there are you know in addition to those cases we've got painters who are going to be you know actually painting on site I I love watching are being made in front of me the target for is including many markers who combines old photographs and you and he's going to be debuting a piece of open them showing old photographs of them then and the current thing about what he actually land fascinating to see that he's photos we're gonna have to leave it there but for for refer to for photography James Cole comes to mind but the it's the M. centered fair I'm sorry well I I lost here or that Evanston aren't big for festival skews me August sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenth eight hundred Church Street go to inter productions dot com and get all the details and get an art fest gift card Amy will talk to you next week hope to see you there thank you Hon chairs guess.

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