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Pick dot com and second weekend already of the New Year and and I think we're getting into a rhythm yes post holiday and whatever whatever region of the country you want to get involved starting to feel its way and that that includes today in taxes. The racing year starts. We'll get a visit in with Mary. Ramp leany from the daily racing form Because Sam Houston Race Park S. H. R. P.. And Actually Nick Tamra is GONNA join us to and Nick is Houston based and he can sing the praises of SHP The system in in Texas that basically is taking tax money from equine related sales and built a twenty five million dollar war chest which is being split between thoroughbred and quarter horse interests. And it's much like we saw in Maryland it doesn't have to be tens tens of millions and hundreds of millions. I mean it. It doesn't have to be casino windfall just you know a little a little stipend stipend like the the fund in Maryland which has been the instrumental in stabilising every aspect of you've of the business in Maryland. Even without having won the the licenses for in the case of Hannah Rundle County what ended up going to Maryland. Live the cordish company but the money that you know. The Nice steady stream has been instrumental in getting the breeding interest rekindled and and the daily purses while the same thing is at hand it seems in Texas which had visit a disadvantage for years. And we talked about it many many times with a variety of Texas related late Andrew. Young from Sam Houston Scott Wells. Probably at some point talking about lone star and in the various other at these and of course with Mary whenever whenever there would be an initiative in Texas I mean heck back there was that point where they were. They were going to fund the Racing Commission when when racing it just we're trying to establish historic work horse racing equipment. And they were GonNa they were Gonna the legislature was take the legs out from under just crazy easy especially in a state like Texas where you know much like Oklahoma. There's a real culture of the Horse So this this is evident immediately. You looked at today's card at Sam Houston and and that they've drawn the first a two and of course. The last Sunday of January is going to be the big Houston Ladies Classic Card. Hard the connelly the two graded stakes that they run and so from today through March. Twenty Eighth Ace And the quarter horses run into the spring they start in February and run into the spring. So they're the first I than of course Lonestar and Tama will also get their chances to attract you you know better horses outfits writers and so forth so we'll get some insight from Mary and even though Oaklawn is still just a a couple of weeks away from getting started at the the drumbeats from rage in really thanks to hammer and the kind of higher profile that that hammer brings well looking forward to visit with wreck back. He got there earlier this week. After New Year's eve the headed down. And if you you've if you follow him on twitter away they go as Rick's handle he you can tell he's thrilled not that you know that that there. Uh He didn't enjoy the experience at University of Arizona but being back on on a on a racetrack on on racetrack grounds. You you know he you could tell of all the different things that hammered dipped last year Being at Kentucky downs and now being at Oaklawn and of course you know. This'll be through. Who First Week in May and it's GonNa be fun really fun and we're going to feature plenty of oaklawn conversation station and also by the way looking forward to what is now become an annual tradition to and that is checking in with Hot Springs Native Dave Hill and after years of speculation there is a publication date or release date for his his book. The vapors about Hot Springs and the famed nightclub Where among others Bill Clinton's late mother would hold court a a a big fan of gaming and racing famously but his book July is the is the release the state and we've been we've been dangling Dave Hill's book and he's been waiting? He's been very patient about The publication but they pick the spot and will will certainly utilize the oaklawn season. And I'll be over hot springs twice myself I if you if you haven't caught the references the HP convention the national the Convention. This year in March is going to be at hot springs. It's GonNa be at Oaklawn and that should be great. It's that that third week in March twenty four th to the twenty eighth and I'm sure you know horsemen and Some of the other people that are participating and traits Trade people and Donna brothers going to deliver a keynote and I'm going to moderate a horse playing conversation and about the future of of course play and looking forward to that and we've got had a nice group assembling that front so that will be back for the Arkansas Derby as well Which I think is fourth fourth fourth time in five years? Yeah that's right and I missed one though. I'm not mistaken but now it's it's it's pretty good you know. It's pretty good stopover on the way back east from Santa Anita Derby Week so looking forward to the hammered. You know it's going to be these next couple of weeks. There's going to be a lot of I think discovery as hammer explores the national park. You know that you know you know. He's a avid hiker knew. He loves trail walking hanging exploring so looking forward to the early The early returns so far from from Hammer. You put up a thing. Yesterday about how he was. He was tickled when he opened up. The hot springs paper was at the register and and the workouts were were published in the paper. Let me forget forget entries and and an agate and results. They're they're publishing their publishing. Workouts favourite was pretty good and a lot of people. A lot of people people were got a kick out of it yesterday. A quick Just a quick will start the head to the break but a a quick note from yesterday because I took an interest in the some of the late races at fairgrounds I thought that was a pretty good sequence and I never got a chance really to talk about this yesterday but there was a good allowance sequence and Mike Steadham with the Godolphin and street boss Philly Lake local She started off late. You know the late. Pick four at three two and then Matt Scherer and ten strike and in fact Speaking Strike Marshal Graham will be on that panel LA- FEM royal in a real exciting three-horse three horses on the wire and the FEM royal gets the UH the win with John. Bridgeman paid a nice five to one and then the lone first time starter and Tina had come home from school and so I got distracted but I had noticed that Phil Bauer who had a very good year. Last year he had one of Mr Wrigley's pricey purchases a distorted humor. Colt named Botswana taps that they bought at Saratoga as a yearling and now a four year old just been delayed obviously getting to the races And I noticed that he was the only I her bread by diamond day and was six to one morning line and ended up going off at fourteen to one thirty dollars and sixty cents. Yeah well why you're to wire under gates is the only first time starter in a field field of eleven or twelve ten so I was kicking myself a little bit and don't get me started about yesterday's his unusual ride that we got at acqueduct.

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