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UN's KQED News, the board that oversees the West Contra cost. A school district has selected Kenneth Hearst to be the district's new superintendent. Trustees last night approved a three year contract for Hearst starting in mid May. Hearst currently runs a school district in southern Washington state. He will be the first permanent black superintendent for the district, which serves close to 3 30,000 students. First succeeds Matthew Duffy, who announced in November that he would not seek an extension to his contract. In sports. The Warriors clobbered the Oklahoma City Thunder 147 to 109 Golden State, plays the Cavaliers in Cleveland at five. The Ducks beat the Sharks. Ford won the Giants shut out the Reds three to Nothing. The A's host the Tigers tonight at 6, 30. I'm Raquel Maria Dylan. KQED news. Support for NPR Comes from U. S. P. S with the speed of business. Changing USPS is committed to changing with it. Maura at USPS dot com slash new routes. The United States Postal Service priority You and the listeners of KQED. Joe McConnell reports traffic on Thursday morning at 706 reporting now on the Altamont Pass. Single digit speeds on five a day or two of five. Westbound approaching 5 80 because of the crash, westbound 5 80 past two of five latest one with the big rig that one's on the shoulder. We've had a couple there this morning. Etienne Fairfield Eastbound looks like it's okay. Everything back at the limit Help. Look. There were two crashes near Airbase Parkway earlier, but they have been cleared The Bay Bridge back up to the foot of the maze. Now getting a little bit better was through the maze. Earlier, we had a pedestrian walking around in the span and causing a big slow down. Joe McConnell for KQED Traffic Support comes from European Sleep Works. K Q B D News with Raquel Maria Dylan Coming Up next hour day, 22 Federal health data shows that sexually transmitted diseases reached an all time high in 2019 and the case numbers for syphilis our greatest in California. Thank you. We d news finds out what that means for Bay Area doctors and patients. Richelle Maria Dylan will have more next hour a day 22 on KQED Public radio. Sacramento mostly sunny 76 Today, clear tonight Lows 41 to 49. It starts to warm up tomorrow. 83 tomorrow's predicted high in Sacramento, the same for the Bay Area. Some morning cloudiness. The clearing Beginning. Now some fog look for highs Upper fifties to the low seventies. The National Weather Service adds much warmer this weekend. It all starts tomorrow with temperatures in the eighties. And maybe 90..

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