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Creatine phosphate reserves so that our brain is chronically in its high energy state that's how we can think really really well so researchers have done some amazing research here they found that creatine actually helps the brain to utilize oxygen they found that vegetarians who took creatine scored better on intelligence tests most seniors had better memory they had better number recall they had better spatial recognition in all its in only two weeks and then another as you walk into a room you put your keys down here are they now but spatial recognition that was supported in five days I love this one five days of eight grams of creatine just five days supported mental tasks in subjects that were getting rapid fire question J. scientists were asking them math questions in science questions over and over and over they found the folks are creatine didn't fatigue is quickly mentally get this a group of people that were kept up for twenty four hours to see how creatine affected that area of health their mood state better and their their memory was sharp and they just were able to do things are twenty four hours when other people couldn't do it and you know you like to call it like your creatine reserves if you think about your energy a little bit like a bank account you know if you start running and using and spending all the money in that bank account you have like a deficit situation you would think after being you know push for twenty four hours people would have been absolutely exhausted they were probably tired but the people on creaking were less tired because when you boost those reserve right you've got something that you can use as fuel you said earlier we make less as we age but also a lot of people don't eat as much meat and certainly and that's where you can get creatine from its in meat if you're a vegetarian you basically get no creatine right I'm looking at a study where they looked at brain function in vegetarians they found anywhere from twenty to fifty percent improvement in some measures of memory and intelligence on these cognitive tests so it is absolutely crucial like chance said to make sure that your stores of creatine right R. S. filled up as possible and the easiest way to do it is with well good supplement like ever strong you know here's a study that British journal of nutrition this goes back to two thousand eleven the influence of creatine supplementation on the cognitive functioning of vegetarians and omnivores just do what you were saying J. you get you're creating in this study they had a little more creatine twenty grams a day in vegetarians better memory but for both with the omnivores and vegetarians right right now look one of the biggest concerns people have as they start to get older is losing their muscle mass it's called sarcopenia it's a normal age related issue you get older your you tend not to be as strong as you used to be but it could be problematic in terms of allowing you to live life to its fullest to be able to do the things you want to do to list things maybe to play with your grand kids just carrying groceries becomes a little bit of a of a of a challenge sometimes as you get older so Dr Levin for people just tuning in let's recap real quick what is creatine and how can it help people especially older people build up that strength and vitality because it works so first let's just identify the problem you just talked about sarcopenia because yes we I see this all the time as people get older their legs get skinnier the lose their their **** off muscles there gluteal muscles is just very common we all know this but here are the facts beyond that age age of fifty your muscle tissue is losing strength to the tune of about one point two to one point five percent a year yeah I hit over fifty you're actually losing muscle tissue to the tune of about point eight percent per year so what are the ones we're losing muscle every year and the muscle we have is not as strong however when you supplement with creatine I'd like you to supplement with ever stronger as I feel it's the finest creatine out there it's our help formulate the thing but when you supplement with her every strong formula and you feed the muscle tissue this ever strong this creatine it helps the muscles in many ways it energizes the muscle so that you're more able to do more work if you're a gym person if your call for if you're a tennis player anything you're doing you can maybe do that better because your your muscles are in their high energy state but it draws water into the muscle it hydrates the muscle nicely and started just fine this helps the muscles satellite cells to actually grow more muscle tissue right it also has an impact on our own or in a and D. N. A. it actually helps with muscle synthesis and in terms of something called catabolism which is the breakdown of muscle it actually reduces the rate at which we could tabloids on muscles were maintaining more of our muscle and and you see yourself why isn't everybody using this write downs too good to be true right I have this conversation with my patients all the time they've heard these myths these urban legends creatine is bad for you guess what it's nonsense there are a lot of misconceptions about this and yes this does come out of the world of sports nutrition but it is quickly transcended that world and is now literally one of the best evidence based ingredients that everybody can use and it's so much better understood than it once was and it does things for us I mean it literally build strength what else is out there that can single handedly increase your strength and muscle size I'm shaking my head right now it's just something not I think I wouldn't want to be without this I take this every single day on days and I'm hitting the gym I take extra I'll tell you what the international Olympic committee in nineteen ninety eight said yes our athletes can use creatine creatine is allowed in college sports and not only is it safe but the gains that people get in terms of strength muscle mass lean muscle men and women are so meaningful that some people thought maybe this is an unfair advantage and it could be considered you know like taking a performance enhancing drug it's not it's safe it's healthy it's good for you and it makes a difference it's most most people aren't competing in sports we all wanted unfair and that's whatever strong and good leader right for people who are listening again ever strong comes in two types of formula is the most popular or the ever strong tablets it's a couple of tablets a day you've got the creep your creatine that's the elite creatine that we get from Europe easy to swallow tablets with added to that some very in you know in in important cofactors the vitamin D. the Aurora blue blueberries that are great for cognition support we've added there for fido bore on which is a plant based Boren also very good for the bone and joint health too and the joint health and of course the coffee berry this outstanding anti oxidants so you're gonna love the ever strong tablets we also have the ever strong powder a wonderful fruity berry flavor you just add water it goes down so easily and that's how you do it it's simple it works and we've got this thirty day nine ninety five starter bottle so we say put to the test see for yourself what a difference it can make you can I mean six years so it was when I want to stop you know we are because I'm just I just walked in here so the ever strong for ninety five and and the B. twelve anything else to the way it works is when you call you've got a nine ninety five starter bottle that's a thirty day supply of ever strong I mean I went over this I just was speaking to Marvin in the back so this is the way people are going to be coming out and they said we want to do free shipping of course because we don't want you to spend more than ten Bucks and then because the loves the B. twelve melts that's a free gift today that's racially a twenty dollar value so that's your second free bottle today yes rivers along and the B. twelve you get the free shipping at all well if you're one of the first thousand callers that's our thing on the weekends we we tried and sent people to call right away so you don't forget make sure you one of the first thousand callers and you're gonna be able to get this entire package for less than ten Bucks I'm gonna give out that phone number in a few minutes but before I do have your pen ready before I do I want to get into some of these testimonials almost universally glowing so chan why don't you read a few of the I'm gonna read you found are one of my favorite this is Kathy from California because this represents so many people in our audience she writes I'm sixty years old recently I had significant weight loss that reduced my muscle mass and strength ever strong is great in less than two weeks I have more strength in my hands I can open jars now I also think my muscle mass has improved love ever strong five stars that's awesome I'm gonna read one right here I have Brent from Ontario Canada he says I've been working out since age thirty five closing in on sixty years old I felt getting older I needed an edge ever strong is my age almost one bottle in I already feel like a younger man with my H. back and stronger I love it I feel awesome J. we have about a minute left here to share with people that ever strong blue is the sequel it is the latest innovation in the ever strong family these beautiful blue tablets we've added the Aurora blue blueberries all the way from Alaska we know how green berries or blueberries are often referred to as brain berries we're looking.

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