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The promise rare the death loop and the developer experience on windows using visuals you'll is far superior to anything else all there that we've enjoyed his way faster this look at zamel didn't continue raid you could spend your whole seven hours in a day running and debugging your source without ever stopping him raid that's how powerful the tool is today i have a very selfish question ask i don't know if anybody else really cares but did you encapsulate the audio system the the audio recording and playback system the hardware not yet not yet it's been it's been a few people have been asking for the video part of it's so it would probably going to be taking a look at it but yet it's been it's been requested a few times but i'm pretty sure we'll accept your pull requests yes once once we're there right yeah right but going back to desire story the other aspect of it when talking about zaman forms as was saying before where because we're building i wasn't android native experiences at dan means that you could have in hybrid mode where you're both using for whatever reason existing informs assets along with your no bays ulaby app raid so he can mix and match any of your extent the third parties but any other native third parties that would be platform specific if you have an amazing of your i are less at a third party component that's open source that a you wanna bring into your own oh app just for lesson hobby different native component from android you can definitely do that rate will offer platform specific code all along with the youtube legal base awesome and guys give us one moment here for this very important message.

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