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And of course, it's going to make everybody else with the raising of the eyebrows, whether it's cheap Pinocchio or whether it is with with Steve Cone. Now both Alderson, the casino mogul. And AH, and the Silver Lake Group, the hedge funders. They're saying it's all fake news that they are not interested. Well, time will tell, which is the cliche but also accurate. Because we'll find out we know that the Harris of Lister have, you know opened up the conversation and the New York Post was reporting on it. But they later on today were denying everything. Fake news. We are not interested. Meaning they probably are, but no bid from them has been made. Let's goto Matt Matt is calling from Hollywood mad. Oh, I just did. Matt. I'm sorry. I apologize to anyone else in the country who might be calling. We just took Matt right on top of it. Aren't I Let us go to Bruce and Bruce calling from Garfield and Bruce here on the fan in New York City. Hey, Steve. How you doing? Oh, coming along. Bruce, what's happening? I don't remember. I called last night about injecting. Yeah, okay. Yes. I was doing great. Then I had my shit, Bob. You know, I was at the grove was going strong and I call you up. Okay? And, you know, Well, what's your take on everything. You said that that you're you're okay with, um, with no action, Jackson because You know, today. They, You know, they work things out. So I just I want to point out that I don't think that the were given equal treatment to waste these parties. You know, the cop the complicated George voice. I don't care how the apology he gave. He wasn't staying at the Oh, no, no, no, I haven't heard any apologies at all from that slime when? No, No, no, no, not not that you have changed the subject. You're going from two Sean Jackson. And anti Semitism and references to Hitler and Farrakhan. Now you're going to Ah to Ah, George Floyd and what the Copperhead was in excusable. It was horrific. And as bad as anything that you could see or experience or care about in your lifetime. Thank you for the coal There is no no, no, no, no, thank you for the call. There is no debate on that. There's no dividing his apology to Sean Jackson. There's a different situation now, obviously, as deplorable as what does Sean Jackson had to say? I believe there is a difference between hate and of course, ignorance and he reached out and Jews have been reaching out to him. And he is hey have reached out to the Holocaust Museum. The director of that Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. C. Has invited him for a tour. He's going Julian Edelman of the Patriots invited him not only to the Holocaust Museum but also told to Sean Jackson that he wants to visit the black of the African American. A museum in Washington, D C to learn a little bit more about African culture at Black African American culture in America, and that's 401 years of it. And so the bottom line is he wants to make better, and nobody's going to forget what he said The two owners of the Philadelphia and not the two owners, but blurry is the owner. His Jewish Roseman, The general manager is Jewish. They told him we would cut you. Unless your actions speak louder than your words of apology, so I and that was my take to begin with. I don't think there's hate with them. There is a stupidity with rug. Really, mohr ignorance. Stupidity is you should've known better. Ignorance is you haven't got a clue hard to believe, but it's possible and I think with their Sean Jackson very much what happened here, and I think he knows a little bit better off how much he hurt. And offended Jewish people period and I think he wants to make amends. And of course, his actions from here on out will speak better that what he had to say with that post that got him into an issue in the first place. The cop. The cop who was on the neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds should be sent to jail for the rest of his life for committing murder. 18773376 xxx article on your Van, New York City and now a game of commercial chicken. And now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready. Go. So, um Have you noticed how Everyone's grammar is completely awful. Now. Like, you know, the texting in the helo L's whatever having a punctuation I mean, Sister progressive to say big..

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