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You. Hear something on the radio and then you get. You absorb that message as a listener but now you're hearing on the radio. You're getting it on a web alert. An APP alert twitter facebook. It's just so much That like I feel I feel bad but then at the same time it's like okay but people consume all their news on different platforms. So you have to feed the platforms because other people are on those platforms but at the same time. The being beaten with a baseball bat with the message is is something that I don't think we can change at this point just to make sure that the message is responsible but that social media aspect that influence amplification. I think is just It's this is unchartered territory right now for the media and for the world. I mean this is just It's a really the first major pandemic in a social media world. And we're kind of seeing that it's like it's is just causing a lot of anxiety and it's really it's sad. Well how the hell do you guys stay so calm in professional on the air in your common professional what we talked to you? I mean there's a lot of people Like us working from home or not going back to work today and wondering what they're GonNa do can you? Do you have any tips? I guess help us owed. Amber you repeat after me. You say everything's GonNa be okay. We will get through this that I mean it's just it's our job it's like I would never even dare compare Osteo a first responder or anyone. That's working in healthcare. But you go in and you you just do your job and the job is telling the news like I said when you're at work it actually doesn't seem real. It seems like you just reading this information in your bit detached from it so at work. It's easy you know we can keep it late at work It's just when you come home where you're like. Oh my God but at work it just it's like he just doesn't seem real so it makes it as they can dissociate yourself a little bit from it which might make us all psychopaths. But that's just kind of what we have to do. Finally IF PEOPLE WANNA tune into six eighty news as this goes on. What can they expect from you guys like? What's your cycle like? What are your updates like Give people a sense of what? You're providing Well we are live. Twenty four seven Constantly updating anytime anytime at all when there's an update from locally or internationally You know the latest number is just the latest warnings from the government. The latest travel advisories any update. You will get it on. Six thirty news were just so committed to getting Toronto and the GTE through this keeping us all safe because we are you right and we're just working to get everyone through this and you know. Thank you for listening. And thank you for listening to the government and we will get through this. Thank Sandra and you should know. I bought a vintage battery powered radio just for this crisis digital guy obviously but When you think about things going really bad I mean you picture someone tuning into the radio. Well there was that that tweet that we kind of had a bit of a chuckle about a couple of weeks ago. Where someone who tweeted. Gosh I wish there was a podcast to tell me more about covert nineteen and then a budget. Six eighty people re tweeted it and said well there's also the radio the podcast that never ends right the alive podcast radio so I would strongly recommend people get the deeper story on the Big Story. Podcast but constant updates anytime On six eighty news on on any radio station so well thanks amber. Stay safe and keep your team safe. And we'll be listening. Ditto thank you Jordan. Amber Leblanc the news director at six. Eighty news you can find six eighty news at six eighty on your am. Dial if you're in Toronto but also at six eighty news dot com anywhere in the world wherever you are you should look into which local radio station is broadcasting news and have it tuned in the days to come and that was the big story the first day of our new world and we want to hear about what your new world looks like. If you'd like to reach out to us you can email us either through the contact form on our website. The big story PODCAST DOT CA. Or if you'd like send us an audio clip telling us where you are. How you're doing and what you'd like to know you can send that to. The big story podcast. That's all one word at. Rci DOT ROGERS DOT COM. We'll be checking it daily. You can of course always find us on twitter at the Big Story F. Pin we read our applies our DM's are open and we want to hear how you're doing and you can always of course find us on twitter at the big story f. p. we read the replies our DM's are open and feel free to reach out about anything. Thanks for listening. I hope you're well stay safe. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings. We'll talk tomorrow..

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