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Tyrian lancaster dies at the end of this trial he must be executed that's one of the things that she's here to do and she is another notable interaction the sign with over in who live leader and i'm just you know reading a poem and they kind of bond touchingly about their families and their various losses that they have had a and the various things that have to do for their various regions sources the god's love their jokes don't they in auburn says which took his at she's your principally dorna legendary fighter brilliant man feared throughout west rust put you could not save your sister and i'm a lancaster queen for nineteen years daughter of the most powerful men alive but i cannot say my son what good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love in auburn says we can avenge them sursee she agrees yes we can avenge them and then this part is the acting here is like fantastic when the the topic of mercello who we were were you must remember was sent to dohrn two ward as a way of as the initial olive branch to start the process of of bringing dohrn back into the row one and two also because a king's landing was under threat of siege and it was a good idea to get as many of the lancaster family out of the city nonimportant personnel just get him out of there just in case he know web of vast sack ends a lot of murder was going to go on so that the topic massala comes up and.

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