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Stanford university suggested that jordan one of the world's dryest countries could face more severe droughts unless new technologies are applied in farming and other sectors the us house of voted tisby the introduction of selfdriving cars by giving the federal government authority to exempt automakers from safety standards not applicable to the technology the bill also permit deployment of up to one hundred thousand of the vehicles annually of for the next several years state and local officials have raised concern that it limits their ability to protect the safety of their citizens by giving to the federal government solar authority to regulate the vehicle's design and performance states would still decide whether to permit selfdriving cars on the roads generally the federal government regulates the vehicle while states ray late the driver automakers have complained that a patchwork of laws states the past in recent years would hamper deployment of the vehicles which they seized the future of the industry selfdriving cars are forecast to dramatically lower traffic fatalities once they are on the road in significant numbers members of the senate commerce committee are also working on selfdriving car legislate russian but a bill hasn't been introduced a giant image of star wars character princess lawyer has been cut into a cornfield in evansville indiana jeremy global design the mazen february more than a month after carrie fisher's death in december as a way to honour her he planted that this spring using a gps device the coroner's novocur and it's trails outlined the star wars characters space distinctive hair style and part of her upper body the may is a global farms is open to pain customers britain's national theatre says that the claimed production of angels in america is heading to broadway andrew garfield nathan lane lead the cast of tony kushner's gay fantasia national themes which opens at the neil simon theater in new york for eighteen weeks beginning february 23rd most of london castle make the journey it will be the first time the pulitzer prizewinning plays been seen on broadway since its original production in 1993 producers they.

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