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I was looking back at that study in. Prep for this and they end has a. Kaya can no kidding. That's probably the right move right just before Manasseh gets over monastic. It's on the things so does all these reforms they don't really save Judah Joe Cya now we already been promised right that you saw Joe I would be spared We didn't have the verse that said just I will be spared As long as he doesn't try to get killed yes and unfortunately he he does so after. Tosa had prepared the temple up House and did all that made it. Pretty Mad curtains Nico the King of Egypt up to fight on the Euphrates and just went out to beat him. And I like the NEKO's out Gaza for like what are you what are what are you doing here. Because he's trying to fight the Syrians and they just got to pass by right and he's like hey we don't have anything to do with each other. King of Judah. I'm not coming against you to stay but against the House with which I am at work and God has commanded me to hurry cease opposing. God who is with me lest he destroy which is really funny. Because he's not like a worshiper of God he's just a messenger. I've gotten it's a pretty fascinating and I would want ten more chapters about what's going on. I WanNa know all about this situation. So of course is like oh my Gosh God has sent a worden through this pharaoh. I need to turn away. No he disguises himself in order to fight with him and he gets air road like three times. Yeah and then and even to like say you guys. I'm hurt. I'm dying on dying. I'm dead and take me away. I'm badly wounded. And his servants took him and he died and he was buried in the teams. I'VE HIS FATHER'S. That's a real tough death. It's a real stupid death honestly. It's actually a stupid death for guy who liked it so much good in his life under ridiculously difficult circumstances. It's a stupid way to go. Yeah it really is so wish. There's a better way to end it. But that's literally just the dot like the thing is guide. God did send a word through fare was like no and he was like okay. But what if that's okay but I think I just want to find it so we're going to that. We're going to go now a lot of politically good staff. I really like to do some okay. So that reservoir on kindle let's get into some let's get into some superfluous Jamie. Please grade the pivot as exhibited by King..

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