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There's not there's basically two or three games last year to go off of the pittman was good but i lean pittman over hilton but not at forty picks earlier. I you know i to me. They're like back to back the argument. Four pittman is. He stepped on the field as a rookie and basically played every snap the against him as he stepped on the field rookie and played every snap and wasn't really all that productive parris campbell. Best the colts wide receiver unlikely. It's also possible that none of them are good. Heath any is possible. He any final thoughts on best ball. I hear people like pooh-poohing it because it's not you don't have to set your lineup. It's not real fantasy football. It's just a different type of finish. Football and i think if you if you play a league like that you will find that it's also fun. It doesn't have to take away any of your teams. I've basically made the really. I've got seventeen teams. I can't add any more real teams and still be a dad and stay married so this is the way that i'm able to ask more teams. Do more dress have more fun. It's not something to replace regular fantasy. It's a supplement did. Did you see the on twitter. That was going around yesterday. The guy like chandler and a tree with a dull ax and like all we are here grind in putting in the work. I'm bill different. That's that's the same thing with like people who hate basketball is like if you're not if you're not grinding. Thirty seven waiver wire leagues. You're you're not. you're not really a fantasy football player and it's like no. It's okay like do things. That aren't hard work sometimes. Yeah i find that. Even if i join a league i'm not really excited about the format. I ended up liking it. Because it's fantasy football except for the one league that i've referenced number of times through the years that was a league where that gave one point for every ten return yards and josh cribs leave a first round pick and i didn't read the rules going into the draft. Wasn't leagues called. he was a stupidly. That's a ridiculous league about kicker premium league. No this is bs. You're the guy always telling me that kickers part of football so they should be incorporated. Now somebody wants to put the other side of specialty is. They're kicking to. Who could actually score a touchdown employed forever. Teddy arts worrying was off a little bit i. I'm a big fan of return yardage. If you're the commissioner of that league you'll always to the league to send a note before the draft starts saying. Hey this is the scoring invite a new member. I joined an existing league. I'm not going to look at the rules..

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