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Than got an arm and china these places where they do these things it's you know have tied the scope of any power to in and they get away with it and we drive the business finally product so i think that's how i really got into the animal protection mode and once you're in it you know it's a day to day for life is when you catch a sudden i'm not interested anymore and it's like you get it it it you know you go to sleep with that you wake up with right and looking on the street to you that you know they have an example they have an example right just look around you see the example yeah walking down the street you see done being yanked by the collar you're like a hey yeah i saw a woman in a arc that had a little yorkshire terry art it was winter and the yorkshire terrier had a being coached tells and i'm looking at this well into something see it and oh well he'll to you know how pre side and that night and i'm going to woman is giving her dog i'm in cut now what does that speak period has that that that have popped to that's not how pocket we have much of a gift connect there to go to connect between the alamo for me sleepwear that love that are home and the animals that we can film good are cultic there's no connection of a doubt when there should be said no difference between how oh man hey all of and a option terrier field but both have the same tension doing my destiny his reason to cause and thing the whole time you were speaking i was listening.

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