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The rats. The hebrew says this since the children have flesh and blood. Hey thanks jesus to shed in their humanity so that by his death. We might break the power of him who holds holds. The power of death is the devil. I'm free those who all allies held in slavery by the fame of death for surely it is not the angels helps abrahams descendants. For this reason. This is important verse for this reason. He had to be made like them. Fully human in every way in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in serves to god and the team might make thome for the of the people because he himself suffered when he was tempted. He's able to help those. Who are being tempted. I think birth seventeen is worth north. Read isn't it four. This reason jesus had to be made like his brothers. The nine hundred ninety four an ivy says in every way a noted that he might become a merciful faithful high priest in serves to god that he might make tolman for the sins. The people so it's not just that jesus felt sorry for us. But jesus became michaels in order to into the into the pain. The being human often brings why so he could become our high priest. He representatives before the father. He could make thome for our sins. Why because just like the people to whom jesus showed miss safe alejo in order to heal them something. They couldn't do themselves. He show mercy to us. By taking our sin that we couldn't saw ourselves a nailing it to the cross. I reminded that matt redman song who alone could save themselves their own soul to. He'll no wool mart rabbitohs. And saying that. that's what i'm saying. No shame was deeper than the sea. Your race is deeper. Still you act. Jesus you alone can rescue you alone can save you alone. Can lift us from the grave. Uk came down to finders. He was an action. Jesus didn't look opinion. Having those things. Those sinners he came down to fine does lead is out of death. She you alone belongs the highest praise through the cross on his resurrection. Jesus showed the most. Elliot's mercy of god by once and for all saltine out the pain of separation from cinco in-depth can bring. So what does it mean to be. Merciful looked at what is what does it mean to be merciful and to look at that. We're going to look at what be missile isn't i. And in matthew twenty five jesus talks about how they will be a lack the separation of sheep.

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