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The Red Carpet with George Pinocchio sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of off the red red carpet. I'm George Pinocchio and today we're talking about frozen to which audiences seemed to have really warmed to after it's big debut at the box office. You know this is a sequel. We knew was going to happen some day and now frozen. Who is finally here? And it's exceeded all expectations in that debut including including setting several new records at the box office. Adina Menzel. Kristen Bell returned to their roles of Sisters Elsa and ANA and just like I did back in twenty thirteen. I sat down with them again to talk about what have become iconic roles. You use the word proud when you associated it yourself with this movie. Tell me why there's that sense of pride Because I of I think that it's really cool that it's two female leads in the film and that it's done really well commercially with that. Being the thing and and then on top top of that of course it just all the m self empowerment kind of themes and themes about sort of owning. What makes you really unique in this world and and sort of not apologizing for that and then talking about different kinds of love them we've ever seen like you said it so well the other day when and I've just been repeating it but ah that most movies are about romantic love and that's important and Super Fun to watch? You want people to fall in love in front of you but not a lot of movies have discovered have talked about self flovent or familial love and we put that at the forefront of the first movie I say we would. It's obviously very collective. But that's where the pride comes from. 'cause I personally early believe if you don't have self love or familial love romantic. Love might not be in your future. Those are sort of the first two steps so to put that on on the front burner for kids to digest in a way that simple for them Was it just makes railing part of that. I think maybe it's because it's six years later but am I correct in saying and assuming that you're just more bad ass this time out. I way more when you ride that worse. I ride awards God. And she summons huge giant Boulder Monster People takes them on on and tells them to run after her so she can win on a spoiler. It's the cool thing is the the what we do in. This movie is what people can accomplish if they look into familial love and self love early on in their life if you fill those cups inside you and you don't open yourself up to the world when you're eighteen and you leave your nest empty if you don't if you're not empty because you kind of know who you are and you've given yourself some tough love and and you can rely on people around you. You can accomplish anything. You have a much better center of gravity and self esteem and I think you watch these girls. They still still struggle but there some girls with some self esteem. Also the feeling of I know with my younger sister and I would do it for you just that that. Unconditional love and that loyalty not and that's that territorial ness that sends a flight. I'm going to protect you. No matter what nobody my mom used to always say nobody with my kids everywhere and now I find I have always saying that feeling like I will do anything that you're okay beautiful when it's kids 'cause I have two girls and my favorite thing in the world. What is when they both turn against me? Because I'll be reprimanding like the older one will do something silly and I'll reprimand and I'm like do need to take time out and the little one will come up go. Don't talk up to my sister and I'm like I it's funny I wanNA laugh but I'm also like overjoyed that they're defending each other. I'm almost out of time. We talked about in your crazy schedule last night but in the midst of all of this. You've got a Christmas album. You need to be promoted to a holiday album actually she. There's this great original song on it that I wrote my friend Jonas Miron and it's It's it's called at this table and we were writing. We're writing the song and it's sort of about inclusivity and acceptance and forgiveness and family and And it felt like really great holiday song that we needed and at this time and then and with frozen coming out and us being snow queens and just having a really celebratory kind of season ahead and it just felt like the right thing to do so in the studio I cut a bunch more holiday. Get this album because this is the album. You'll want to damn to Christmas this year. Do it that's my sister. The two other stars return for the Sequel Josh Gad who Voices Olaf and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff. I have never seen somebody tried to propose more movies. I know right yeah. I guess that's what happens when you spend your entire life living in the mountains and then you're only just now getting used to human interaction as opposed to reindeer interaction and then it's love and then it's proposal and it's a lot of pressure. Is it fair to ask you if you like this one more or is it a different kind of like or love it is aids. It's like asking what your favorite child is is Will you have one. I yes I do you you you love them both equally for different reasons I think that the first one is it's just such a tremendous love letter to The love between siblings in particular sisters And I think that the second one one takes that theme and just expanded into a way that it not only makes this film stand out on its own accord but makes the first one that much deeper deeper but for me. There's so many themes in this one that I think are even richer are more challenging for my character. Personally I love the growth. Both of him going from sort of toddler to more fully fledged child. Were starting to ask questions in have these existential sort of Thoughts and I just think that the creative team is so brilliant at working from the inside out so that the sequel is really about these characters. It's Abou how the journey that they each need to go on in order to not only grapple with what's going to happen in their futures but come to terms with their past. I said I don't know if we're going to get this clip but I'm going to ask you. We talked about last night. You have this fantastic song. Look it looks. There's slight smile. They say that they told you we're going to give it to you. Didn't believe them you've got yeah. Last night at the premiere was like did the Song Week. The kind I don't know I don't Unbeliev- that it's real. I feel incredibly lucky to have sung a song by by being Kristen Lopez their incredible incredible songwriters. I also got got to sit down with the Oscar. Winning songwriting team of Bobby. Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. This is one interview I will not soon forget. I mean come on. How many times do people actually sing to you? I still need to tell you after talking to him again today. Jonathan groff off is in some kind of disbelief that his song is included in this. We're so excited for the world to hear what Jonathan has done. It's so beautiful and I'm really hoping that it empowers people everywhere including men to really feel their feelings in a big big way. You're sitting in front of a piano at home. Are you teaching your kids how to play. I wish they would learn from me but they are taking lessons with with licensed professionals nationals. You couldn't pull rink. They won't listen to it wasn't it wasn't good. I mean imagine if your father bother with sitting over over you like nope back at them. Is there one song in this movie that you love more than any other there. Are you know they're all our little children and we've been talking about into the unknown because it's such a great way to sort of summarize and introduce Sir the movie to people because it's all about Elsa dealing with this call We really started with the characters. Elsa isn't where she is meant to be when when when she is the queen of Arundel. She's she she has. There's a call and it's leading her out of her comfort zone and in a way that's sort of what life is about it's about Taking risks of chicken. Fine where you need to go. So Dina sings it in the movie in the credits performed by disco and in this room by you. Yeah Sir. Original always sixteen bars. Where do you WANNA start adventure? Certain of what I'm thinking I'm into the into So can you guys ever go to a party at someone's house when there's a piano and not play mm-hmm I always force bobby to sit down those. I think it's the coolest magic that he can create to sit down and and play almost any song you've ever. I heard of social advantages of being a piano geek. I'm almost out of time right one minute. Good that's more than I thought I had. I usually get the timing a little bit better than that so excited. Let's just talk about the power of these women now at one they grown up. They have more power. We see it onscreen. Did you when you were doing these songs. Give them more power in the words and in the music it all comes from story and it all comes comes from. WHO's really in charge of this story? And that's Jennifer Lee Who is I just? She's taught me so much about finding your your own power at the table and speaking up and speaking from your point of view not someone else's And so she we work with her. We create the story and it just comes out in the song when you're writing for strong women that they are going to sing strong big songs doing. Are you taking requests today. Chancer I I need to intro this piece. So how about something like. Here's George Per Nacchio with our story okay. And there.

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