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The fact of the matter is that we've already gone there and our founding fathers have settled it with the Second Amendment You're not going to repeal the Second Amendment You're not going to take people's ability They're right To protect themselves and their family away That's not going to happen And we have had in fact gun ownership is nothing new It's been around for ages So what has changed I can't tell you what was going through the mind of the shooter and you validate or in Buffalo years later still can't tell you everything about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold when they were walking through Columbine committing mass murder I can't tell you that But what I can tell you is is that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did that during And it didn't stop them And so we can come up with all of these laws and the shootings the martyrs in Chicago will still happen they'll still happen outside of Chicago and people who are intense on killing Other people will still kill other people even if it's in large numbers And if you look at it when you look at the violence in the inner cities it's actually brought more by the conservative media focusing on it Right We've focused on it for a long long time on this show Democrats don't speak of it They don't mention any of these liberals who have talked about ya valde Where are they Every weekend on Monday morning after every weekend in Chicago Well I'm sorry but the party that believes in defunding the police And we're not going to fund the police Right The party that believes in defunding the police that has helped us skyrocket the murder rate in large cities all across this country you know you've been following the subway shooting of the Morgan Stanley person and what's going on the crime and the assaults and the murder rates that are up Democrats don't talk about that as well It needs to be solid at all Why not If you use a gun during a robbery and as long as you don't shoot anybody we're not going to come down on your heart Right Where's AOC That's right here That's right in her backyard Tell me tell me how many Democrats screamed about that Where was the outrage The gun just don't shoot anybody Yep We won't come down on you Don't shoot anyone We're exclusively was the outrage there The right Where's the outrage about Chicago You have families that can't afford to move out of those neighborhoods They can't afford private security Like the elitist can Like the mayor can They can't afford any of that But they shouldn't have guns because it's an opportunity for gang members to break into their homes and get those guns So no we can't And also we want to defund the police We want to take your guns We want to defund the police So you're a sitting duck You just sit there And by the way prayers don't work either So you can't sit there and pray for your family because that's not going to work either Yes So we'll just take all of the power away from the people the power to protect their family Themselves their property Should be God and it's not about police presence because that's a thing of the past No the fun the police They are part of their the enemy They're part of the problem More police officers on campuses aren't the solution Because it means more guns on campuses which is exactly how they were able to end the murders in Yuval But don't pay attention to that part of it We're going to sit here and just tell you how you shouldn't have a gun how we want to defund the police and you just have to take it because this is and this is who they are as a party and right now they are the party in control of The White House the Senate and the House That's where we are 8 6 6 90.

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