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This hour brought to you by violet crown alternate fantasy movie experience. A best in class. Experience awaits you. Bring your loved ones for feast for the senses at violent crime Santa Fe. This is Peter crown here to tell you about our state of the art featuring reserve seating, multiple screens and digital surround sound with a comfortable and lush chairs with over forty taps a craft beer one in regional cider, including items from our stone hearth pizza oven, entrees, desserts. Join us for a wide variety of films with free four hour parking. This week's exciting schedule includes captain marvel the central performances presents trouble Yatta from the Royal Opera. House cat video fast. The platinum music awards presents New Mexico rain, the story of Bill and Bonnie Hearne magnolia Mondays and the wise fool present man on wire. Stay tuned next week few violent crime movie minute pilot crown as your most unforgettable movie experience at sixteen o six Cal street in the Santa Fe railyard movie tickets now, the crown dot com. Tom. How would you like to live the life you love and not the one? You feel limited to this is Mark Perry certified hypnotherapist life fulfillment. Coach and host of a matter of the mind. Join me Saturday mornings at ten on talk twelve sixty and one zero three seven KTAR, see and Santa Fe dot com. Each week. We explore ways you can start living the life. You love to find out more. Find my page on Santa Fe dot com or Email me at a matter of the mind at gmaiLcom living, your best life is a matter of the mind every Saturday at ten A M. I'm Rick Unger. You've heard the screamers you've heard the Shouters the haters the raiders now it's time to listen to a real conversation are rational conversation. Now, it's time for the wreck on your show weekdays from four to six PM on talk twelve sixty and one of three seven KT RC and streaming at Santa Fe dot com..

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