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Welcome back. I think it's interesting that better clap ratios throats. It's like a bunch of pit vipers biting each other. Now that the, the booms gonna fall is. Well, what's interesting is that you have Komi, who said that he included Steele dossier first? He denied this field. Aired than in it. But now he's saying it was feel about who's in it because Brennan and Clapper told him to put it in and Brennan and Clapper said, knows combs idea, then you have Komi Loretta Lynn Jessop each other's throats. So the fact that these guys lied and thought they could get away with it now that they find they can't get away with it. They're trying to point the finger each other, but here's something really significant of two days ago, the Daily Telegraph three days ago, the Daily Telegraph, which is not a pro American magazine or newspaper by any means. But they have story titled Theresa May's spy chiefs were briefed on Christopher Steele dossier before Donald Trump buying through his feel personally briefed m I five director Andrew Parker. Am I six CI? Alex younger. Now, this is really significant because it means that if they had evidence if what they had were true evidence that showed there was a Russian intervention into the US election. Why wouldn't they briefed the United States? I and why wouldn't they brief Trump instead they went to Brennan through the intelligence agencies and use to setup the get Trump taskforce? So Devin newness of, and I think he's from the San Diego area. Right. Getting rachi. He's opened our north county area. Okay. Well, he wrote a letter to Trump yesterday in which he says that if these claims are true that these people were briefed before you than raises important questions about the potential role foreign government officials may have played in spreading the dossier, false allegation, and they have taken in response to the allegations choice of the better stand these matters on. Respectfully request that you ask prime minister may about the British government's knowledge Steele dossier, and whether the British government, took any unilateral actions based on information provided by steel, and then he goes seven questions to ask one, it's feel informed British intelligence or government officials, whether to confirm whether that report in the telegraph is true of did they discuss this with steel of before talking, the Trump that. Any current or former US government or intelligence officials inform any current or former British government intelligence officials about steals allegations. And so on the basically, then he goes into the specifics on Joseph suit because miffed sued was the so-called Russian professor who's not rushing. Not really even a professor at higher professor, but he's an Intel operative time was British others. Well he was working with the British end with the CIA and the FBI gave that she a train her. When I heard it was a trainer with these guys. Well, he up and he went to popadopoulos and told popadopoulos that the Russians have these hacked emails and will provide them to Trump. And he said to pop it up less, I'll introduce you to Putin's niece. Now popadopoulos didn't know that Putin didn't have any and then getting you're getting, then they hooked up. They tried to hook up popadopoulos with a woman who is deployed by the FBI to ask popadopoulos about what he knows about. Russian. Stealing of, of documents Democrats, you actually this this, this spy Vom. She was actually trying to, to induce him for sexual activities, although he was engaged. In fact, is current wife and him wrote this book of revelations, and I've leave some big lawsuits going to happen here popping office not gonna walk away from this either as he knowing and he's telling the truth now. So he raises the question of the relationship of Mifsud sued with British intelligence and US intelligence, rather than if sued as a Russian intelligence operative, which is of molar has in his report. All of this shows, is what molar put. In his report, even though ultimately, he exonerates Trump is in a lot of the lies of the narrative of the British, and the Brennan, Clapper Komi crowd are still in the report. And that's what the Democrats are using to continue to try and smear Trump. That's why it's so important. What was done by Roger stone in his attorneys to get out in writing affidavits from Bill building that they're going to bring up at the trial of. Ember about the fraud of the so-called Russian hacking. Now here's a really interesting point that the Benny always brings up and a lot of people bring this up. Why did the FBI never look at the DNC servers? Why did they never do a forensic evaluation? Why did they rely on the work done by crowd strike which was the firm? The Democratic Party had hired to protect their computers. Why would you take the report from the company? If in fact, there was a hack that was incompetent and stopping and protecting the Democrats from the hack. The fact is there was no hack that was a fraud. The report of a hack was thraw, but that's always throw twos. And other documents come out to approve that the deficits rich was part of a scheme. In fact, that people that kill us rich who the people that trying to maintain this hack. The dialogue weren't they. Well. And also, that's why the there were just seventeen count indictment against the assigned who's being held under very harsh circumstances by the British government, he's essentially being put in solitary confinement. And what is his crime, that he was convicted of Britain? It was jumping bail. So you know what I think they're gonna try and kill us on Jin prison, or ship him to some maybe on MO and torture, the death of by the, the best thing for Assange is to actually get spotting on a major Cable News Network, assoc Amelia to tell the Zoll story because the fact is the death of, of the dust telling the truth is just people Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson. It's the death of social media and whistle blowers because if this goes down and by the way, before you left, he's at me, his entire database of material annoy of it. Yeah. I got it. I got huge amount of data terabytes. Well, the thing about Assange is, what is the charge against him. He was illegally producing documents detrimental, the US security. He was asking so damn questions questions asking Bill at the Santa specifics. Yeah. He had he published documents which prove their war crimes committed in the wars in Iraq now, averse to attack the whole US military it was to show that there was a cover-up of work rhymes that were committed. So why is it criminal for someone to expose criminal activity by the government? If a session. Put on trial, and convicted of this would have a chilling effect on any future effort by an honest journalist to report crimes in corruption of government officials. That's why this is so important to the average person. Now, whether you like us on Gernot whether you disagree with him publishing. These documents is besides the point if your government is committing crimes in your name with your tax dollars, and then prosecute someone who exposes the corruption, then what does that say about the first amendment? What does that say about the fourth and fifth amendment? Close out the constitution. And so, here's another example of where there are some people inside the Trump administration who are poorly advising Trump. Now, I don't know whether Trump was one who's signed these signed off on the Assange, new indictments, probably not. But it's something he should speak out on it. And this is something the Democrats trying to keep from doing. Honestly, I think when I see things Sasha raised issues that losing apart in fact, it s is to a great extent. The reason why the British a scheme is being blown apart now and I'll lay before the election is going to be denied department national intelligence five is Mr. Steele, CIA and FBI and the Justice, all we have to evolve and Valerie Jarrett, that are going to do the perp walk and the honest with you, we don't clean this up. No future. Government in America is free from totalitarian, manipulation control by Intel agencies that are transnational globalist. And this whole thing with Trump, the same right to sing. I have to fight this through not just for my sake, although I've been the victim of one of the greatest scandals in American history for the sake of future, presidents, and the future planet. Not just Erica Americans, the most powerful nation, but it's is being. The, the victim of this whole process because if you get victimizing control, America's who you know, evil means, for example, cogs, which are through the United Nations, which, again is an arm of the British. If you can't control for the Intel agencies are collaborating to do things really go for CIA to spying, American citizens, but you can get five is, and this steel do it. See all of these schemes are actually ways of getting around the actual proxy out, actually elected government, so globalist and control freaks can actually get control of the world. That's what it's all about. And this is why we're asking President Trump to include in this fight the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, right? Because the roof dedicated his whole life to exposing this British directed fraud, which in the biggest strategic sense is not just lying about Russia gate and things like that the British attacked science. They. They attacked the teaching real history. They attack the educational process developed creative minds instead of robots and in doing that they create a subserving population and what we're seeing is sections of the US population in the world. Population are waking up to the fact that they've been deliberately victimize on behalf of these global banks. These globals. Of military, institutions, and so on. But the ability to fight it was shown to them, the courage of Trump and standing up against this so called deep state. Have to make sure that this is not a one man battle. It's not left. Just the Trump. The fact iris. Iris me add an element that you probably think is a great idea. I think you guys at the refunding most agree ideas of perspectives on how to prevent more. I call defensive Ersan, defensive future, humanity and future nation hoods. We don't want homogenize world. There's no nation states. We want a world where they should have some degree of Tommy and control of their voters and their population in their industry. Art. What I see happening is what Trump's doing is he's an example of populism is rising because people see the end of this game is to homogenize the world and destroy not just Christianity and Islam, but all religions and have totalitarian cyber state where basically much of the population is reduced. The elites are cybernetic genetically enhanced like a cast from Hindu pathology, and the totalitarian cyber status basically like the matrix, this is coming people don't. Eagles always like last people Trump see this coming and know the normal for the human race to actually have a future. America must be free and nations must have populism in national borders. That's why the rise of populism in Europe so important these elections in Europe are important because you're gonna start saying reformulation of, of the European superstate where there's some degree of atonomy. I mean, they couldn't even get money from the paean union to rebuild these cities and towns destroyed by earthquakes a few years ago in Italy. Since you let me just tell you next week. I'll be able to.

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