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You might be in the minority there. Eleven lebanon you. Don't see a whole lot of love for assignments quest. It's kind of nice to see no because it's just not a. I really never played it. But i know without the translation airs. It's a much better game version. There's a wrong pack. That's called custody to redacted where they fix a lot of the the issues. Do really wanna play that for certain that that would be the way to play it and then from this one from brian jacobson. Japanese version is much better. You don't say and some people do keep bringing up a lot of endings and these comments. I do want to you need just. We didn't really talk about it. It's just whoever you beat. The game was standing on a cliff overlooking the castle. And there's a little bit of texas comes up. That's it on the texas gibberish. But ross. well. I mean yeah but even the english one is. It's it's not great. It feels like it was also translated where well first of all allah card says. He feels great guilt for killing his father but they miss translated it to quilts idea like cipher because they like apparently fell in love during this little adventure in that kind of leaning on each other during the ending. That was cute. Yeah no they because she goes on. I wanna say. Yoko is from the same bloodline site. Yeah yup to. Oh yeah that reminds me. I was going to talk about so done. I'm sarah has a mode. That's kind of call back to this. Were you play as julius belmont. Yoko and allah card and they it kinda plays like this where you can switch between them. Going through the the of sarah map to fight quote unquote dracula my only issue with as they all they will have different sprites but alcott the tonight. They didn't make us right l. It could've it also bums me out. That grant has never come back and he's in judgment but that doesn't count. He's not in the anime. Because warren ellis didn't like him lame. The only reason you not in the anime. That's awesome anime which we might cover something on the show and that might be without me. I figure it's yeah. It's it's n. I watched the first episode or two. And i'm like this is clearly not something realize it's not for me. It's not i the first season virtual ethnic us all right. Let's see offering. Trevor griswold clock tower song. One of the best songs ever. Okay now got gotta trevor. Wow and from patrick gray. I was just trying to show somebody the game typed in a throwaway name then it made further than i ever had. Before all the name batman love it from overblown. Let's see i have nothing and for the giant bomb group I one zachariah smith. I'm still trying to beat this game. And this one is for you hughes from ender drake. It's great except that stage where you have to climb the falling blocks allemand. Screw that thing like it wouldn't be so bad if you weren't stuck to that force jump arc really easier with grant your answers where i trap myself where i jumped up on the right side all the way up and nothing was falling anymore or yeah they don't have anything to land on. It's i feel like maybe you could climb up the blocks as they fall instead of jumping. I also had a really hard time the grant in the first place. It's tricky like even. I was having trouble by the end of the game. So my controller was not brand controller..

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