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Your back is killing you. Your neck hurts. You probably have to go to the bathroom and the child was pressure on your bladder. And you're like i am not getting up. I'm not getting up. That's your moment like that's your child. You have all of the control over how that child is going to be as they grow up from from day. One every minute. So that's the it's the greatest thing you can do the greatest thing so don't worry about making mistakes. Just be yourself and enjoy every moment. I mean that's the best thing i can say it's so hard to do when you're actually living it. I know but it's just they just exhale and just and this is mayhem. I don't care. Like i have this house and you know i've got you know you you you set up your house for yourself and you make it nice and the next thing you know that tv you have as much as all over your toddler wants to keep pointing at you know patrol. You can't at that just living living live in the toy kicking toys in the middle of the night in a mess everywhere. There's nothing more beautiful than that. It's a lived in house that has a family. No down you preach to the choir man. I totally agree with you. Sir and of course. Like i said i'm a big sports fan and you aren't honcho. Bart scott you guys are great in in radio for a bit new jersey rock station. I know you have that great chemistry and all that and of course you know you're no stranger at work in the different partners and all that but give me a little behind the scenes when you guys were going to do the show together and all that stuff when it started happening talk a little bit like how you guys created at great chemistry in no in the beginning of with any show. It's going to take a little time. Talk a little bit about like how you in bar got that great bond because you guys are great. You guys can kind of finish each other's sentences guys. This is the inside jokes. You guys bring us to. Every every weekday is fantastic but talk about bill matt. Chemistry with bart. It was you know you can't fake chemistry. Obviously right like people always say you can't fake it to do have it..

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