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Denver sat on the bottom step. There was nowhere else gracefully to go. They were a twosome saying, Yo, daddy and sweet home in a way that maybe clear both belonged to them and not to her. That her own father's absence was not hers. Once the absence that belonged to Grandma Baby, a son deeply mourn because he was the one who had bought her out of there. Then it was her mother's absent husband. Now it was this hazelnut strangers absent friend. Only those who knew him knew him well could claim his absence for themselves just is only those who lived in sweet home could remember it whispering and glance sideways at one another while they did. Again. She wished for the baby ghost. It's anger, thrilling her now where it used to wear her out. Where her out? We have a ghost in here, she said. And it worked. They were not a twosome anymore. Her mother left off, swinging her feet and being girlish memory of sweet home dropped from the eyes with men. She was being girlish for He looked quickly up the lightning white stairs behind her, so I hear he says, but sad. Your mama say it, not evil. No, sir, said Denver not evil, but not sad, either. What the Tribute. Lonely. And rebuked. Is that right? Cody turn to suffer. I don't know about lonely said then was Mother mad? Maybe, but I don't see how it could be lonely spending every minute with us like it does. Must be something. You got it. Bones set this road. Just a baby. My sister said Denver. She died in this house. Paul D. Scratched the hair under his jaw Reminds me of that headless bride back behind. Sweet home. You remember that stuff used to roam them Woods regular. How could I forget? We're is some How come everybody run off from sweet home? Can't stop talking about it like if it was so sweet. You were to stay, girl. Who you talking to? Nobody laughed. True. True. She's right. Suffer it once we And he's so one home. He shook his head. But it's where we were state suffer all together. It comes back whether we wanted to or not. She shivered a little alight ripple of skin on her arm, which she caressed back into sleep. Denver, she said, Start up that stove. You can have a friend stopped by and don't feed him. Oh, I don't go to any trouble on my account, Paul d said on bread in trouble. The rest I brought back from where I work least I could do cooking from dawn and noone is bring dinner home. You got any objections to Pike? You don't object to me, I don't object added again fought Denver. Go back to them. She just off the kindle ing and almost lost the fire. Why don't you spend the night Mr Garner You and Mam can talk about sweet home all night Long Southern took to swift steps to the stove. But before she could yank Denver's collar, the girl leaned forward and began to cry. What's the matter with you? I never knew you to behave like this. Leva B. Said Paul D. I'm a stranger to. Well, that's just it. She's got no cause to act up with a stranger. Oh, baby, what is it? Did something happen? But Denver was shaking now and sobbing so she could not speak the tears. She had not shed for nine years. Wedding her far too. Womanly breasts. I can't no more. I can't know Maur came. What What? What Cage? I can't live here. I don't know where to go. What to do, But I can't live here. Nobody speaks to us. Nobody comes back. Boys don't like me. Girls don't either. Honey, what you're talking about? Nobody speaks to you as Paul D. There's the house. People don't is not. It's not the house. It's us and is you Denver Leave off seven. It's hard for a young girl living in the haunted house. That can't be easy. Why it's easier than some other things. Well, think, Seth. I'm a grown man with nothing new left to see or do And I'm telling you It ain't easy. Maybe you all ought to move who owns his house. Over Denver shoulder set the shot Paul D. A look of snow. What you care. They won't let you leave. No Southern. No moving. No Leaving is all right the way it is. You're gonna tell me it's all right with this child half out of her mind. Something in the house. Braced. And in the listening quiet that followed set a spoke I got a tree on my back and a hate in my house and nothing in between. But the daughter I'm holding in my arms. No more running from nothing. I will never run from another thing on this earth. I took one journey and I paid the ticket. But let me tell you one thing. Paul, D Ghana, it costs too much the gimme it cost too much. Just sit down. And eat with us. Or leave it speak. Baldy fished in his best for a little pouch of tobacco. Concentrating on his contents and the knot of its string. While Seth let Denver into the keeping room that opened off the large room he was sitting in. He had no smoking papers. So he fiddled with the pouch and listen through the open door to Seth quieting her daughter. When she came back, she avoided his look and went straight to a small table next to the stove. Her back was.

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