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Okay mr gilchrist. In in the middle hampton city council agrees to meet. Wally aunt chunk at the police boat pier the following morning. Wally hopes to help chunk take advantage of his abilities by making garbage disappear. However however the test run making aac kids barge full of trash disappear results in a massive whirlpool and the disappearance of chunk. There's a joke in there somewhere. Shaggy go down the whole low. I was gonna say is he. Is he in his own prison purse. 'cause you imagine bentham laws of physics Zone prison person. So what did you think of this one. It was a weird. It was like wait a minute. Why did you we issues in the setup and then he just disappeared into his own. Prison purse really. Whoa whoa wiki. Those come back. But i know but i'm just daylight issues and that's enough. They give the modern comics. Could never better not ever up to say even if he doesn't and then we've never heard from the game. He tweeted later rhythm. History raider brings injury. But no i was gonna say even if he does disappear in the story. They're at least going to stretch this out for six. I mean come on. I mean he would have been in chunks void for like two to three issues. At least absolutely he had a human alive and deal with the pain that grow the him on him he would have had literally put her in the refrigerator or another would have slept together. Maybe she got pregnant then she would have died before they came out of the void. Yes body call mike. Great take a turn. Oh my god you know tina bonds out and it's like oh you cheated on me in another dimension. It doesn't count for five years husband plot twist for five years. I was stuck in hell. Nobody nobody talk. Brian in nobody cared grill. I repeat i had to become someone else. Cannibal came his man. Alive ole become cannibal. Eating dryhome per wally west. God yeah it sounds. I'll average out either. Pretty average artwork stay on a juice. Snow they still don't quite have wall these personality down yet. It seems to be it. Seems the flipflop. Yeah sometimes he seemed really seemed material at times. he's just like totally out of it. Yeah you know. Honestly while he works with the team. I hate to say it felt like. He got overlook the lot. But i feel like he's better with team dynamics because remember will bring it out of him you know by itself is. He's left to his own devices. Yeah like in that way like Mark wade's run when he you know he's with linda and like piper's like his tech guy and he's one of the characters that knees that around him and got like max mercury's mother speeds. That was really cool. Nobody does a hero's welcome hill. Better living for free sister. Who don't don't go there. It's a joke joke do that. I mean anyone actually forget disappears for a month and he comes comes back with like. Oh i know some some really old married people that really happy not to partner. I know a lot of people that got divorced because the kobe forced him to be home together for ways to toe. Yeah not everybody happened to what a my best friends. actually in. Both my best friend's little awkward but yet we know someone personally. Well yeah people and know that rob are month could do better call me martha molly you bring the cat own. My god cancel now. I can't jokes for legal over to my box satire satire. dc hit this episode. We had to pay. I my god. He's going to put up the smg patriotic and put it in the newsletter. And everything oh. God i for one believe in the power of the southgate's love. How dare you nice issue. That trunk shows up in a y. All right let me see if they mention Show doesn't see the issue number. Va he reappears. Later begins a business yet because member once. Wally loses money doesn't chunk start coming into it 'cause his disposal businesses. Just like me again. Why wouldn't it be. It's like yeah. You're not sending anything to go by the epa loves you. You know you're not dumping stuff anywhere. It's you know it's just like oh moon supply basically just magically disappears. The as far as anyone else knows. It's like oh co witne america. Love that right now. Just say or any industrialized nation. That's producing a lot of ways in china. Pass the buck to the consumer by making us recycle reuse reduce on consumerism. Is matt really. The biggest problem is the companies. It's corporate exactly not to be on a soapbox slow. I mean we've talked about this before. But i mean even the big companies are giving them tax breaks recycling. I mean what's the biggest cause of plastic in the world in the ocean. Fishing not not are not our precious little soda cans. That don't even have the rings on it anymore. That made us cut up when we were children. True all right so. Let me see up the schedule. All so yes next next week the wto no returns. It's the time of the month again. No i know yes karate. Chester will return to discuss daredevil. Three eighty with us. If you haven't downloaded the newsletter for this month please do sign up on the issue that we're gonna talk about. Go subscribe to the newsletter. Oh and then in two weeks To punch issues we made a little change here gas out with you at rs doing things on the don't you love the calypso. Stop will be next week. Yes eclipse though. The darkness within one and two flashing five and justice league europe emmanuel. Three now the crossover kids we all. So she'll be doing an clips out..

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