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And we are Santa Fe say Fred before we get to to the campaign just recieved in this is pertinent to what we're gonna talk about just received from the state from the department of health and governor's office the latest cove in nineteen numbers and people think this is all done and they're getting tired of it is like let's get back to business here are nothing to worry about here we have one hundred and twelve additional cove in nineteen cases and eight additional deaths were over a ten thousand ten thousand two hundred sixty we have four new cases in Santa Fe county we still have a lot of cases in McKinley county San Juan county Bernalillo county and four new cases in Santa Fe county and four new deaths over ten thousand cases now ten thousand two hundred and sixty Fred good afternoon Hey how are you I'm okay how are you still pretty well thanks you know the weather's pretty beautiful it's too bad we can't just run amok like we'd like to yeah tell me about it I mean tomorrow three forty three tomorrow afternoon we go in the summertime but you know it usually would be like Hey summertime you know let's go crazy but we don't it doesn't feel like that doesn't now it really doesn't it's it's quite different and I think you know its it's just kind of foreign you know we've we've in Santa Fe we look forward to you know these great ideas of the restaurants we look forward to the summer events and no look no look this year for their events anyway the restaurants are you know they're open and they're they're doing the best all right tell us what the we are Santa Fe safe campaign is all about well we are Santa Fe say was an idea that bread from a conversation with several business owners here in Santa Fe all looking for direction and help and ideas on how to open what made sense to follow the governor's guidelines but at the same point we ate enough of a structure that your staff and your customers would want to come back to work and so the idea was for the campaign that this be an employee centered campaign that the businesses should focus on what the employees need to feel in order to come back to work what makes them feel safe and that in turn would tell the community the public that business is doing a good job and if its employees feel good that I should feel good about supporting them and that's that's the the gist of kind of what the corps was in and it's grown into.

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