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By nineteen forty one the german listen to this by nineteen forty one the german people stood up against the elites the doctors the hospitals and the nurses and said you can't kill children with disabilities and down syndrome so no actually doesn't have a lot of people agree with her she does have the nazis but not the german people of nineteen forty one wow well that is not very brave of the german people of ninety four or right it's not brave laws are inconsistent with roe versus wade blah blah blah think about it canopy that a woman have more constitutional freedom to choose to terminate their pregnant pregnancies on a whim then for the reason of the baby that has down syndrome and to the question of enforceability who's going to police this decision making doctors are now supposed to turn in their patients patients who they owe confidentiality for making a decision of with the state disapproves oh my gosh yes there are there is creepy eugenic aspects of the new technology you know it's really creepy is the germans the nazis okay the nazis were only doing it because quite honestly most of the doctors were creepy freaks that had a death fetish but that doesn't excuse the nurses and the other doctors that went along the other doctors that went along we're actually thinking that they were doing the right thing for the volk for the people they were doing something because they were going to through the creep eugenics create the master race and eliminate all suffering that's what they thought by eliminating them now in a couple of decades we'll have nobody with any disabilities and we'll have a master race and everything will be great they at least in their sick twisted dark evil way thought they were doing something good yours is i just don't want that baby oh my gosh congratulations america we have passed the darkness g who said this who i know there is somebody about five years ago that said if we go dark we'll go darker than the nazis i can't remember he was probably crazy and he certainly wouldn't have approved of the new york times starting anew podcast called the caliphate but anyway somebody said that we will pass the nazis in darkness congratulations gang we are on that road i think he spoke to you i think he meant to say that we passed the nazis in bravery yup more.

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