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Chairman Kim has engaged the real decision maker in the North Korean system. But big. Said at present. There are no plans for third summit between the two leaders. Jeff Brumfield NPR news, Washington. Milwaukee has beaten out more than a dozen US cities including Houston and Miami to host the democratic national convention in two thousand twenty as NPR's Windsor. Johnston reports Democrats have selected Wisconsin as they look to. Reclaim key battleground states in the next election, the perennial swing state went to President Trump in two thousand sixteen but Wisconsin voters have since reelected a democratic Senator and rejected the reelection bid a Republican governor Scott Walker. The convention will be held in the locking next July. The Republicans will hold their nominating convention in Charlotte North Carolina next August NPR's Windsor Johnston. Reporting on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrials gained two hundred points today to close at twenty five thousand six hundred fifty the NASDAQ gained one hundred forty nine points up two percent to end at seventy five. Fifty eight it's NPR and it's KCRW at four thirty two. Good afternoon. I'm Steve to your tickets. The LA county sheriff's department today detained two people in connection with the death of a nine year old girl whose body was found last week on a hacienda heights, hiking trail that girl identified as trinity love Jones Tuesday. Full of character. Antonio Jones says he received the devastating news in a phone. Call to grow the Defoe's, my daughter my youngest.

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