Dr Mitchell, Montello, CNN discussed on Wisconsin's Sports Weekend with Justin Garcia


Dr mitchell in montello and wtmj mental hey mitchell go ahead earlier all right thanks very arco wherever or air who hartford any act read the earth earning where'd part of your hair back here all right the here it could trigger off i think we're gonna do that oh man regatta if you're walking around and lock wa or orlando there are allotted heroin cnn here yeah and if you're not in the not going away either it's alright every you're gonna hear a lot more about bottom unfortunately and and certainly the cubs with an off day today still able to make up ground let's frustrating for all brewers fans and certainly leasing all stands right in our who knows maybe this robbery gets an extra bit of a jolt right as the plane meaningful gains in july august in september so i could find gave losing break you still have a onegame lead in the division so yes i'm certain i am certain we'll hear from david serves coming up at 707 i am certain they're looking at this no differently today than they were going into the series against the pirates right because we still a first poise team trying to become a better team we'll go through one of the reasons why i say bruce campbell coming up in the seven o'clock hour as well we'll hear from david stern so if the brewers strike a.

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