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I i might never live it down. And that's one of our regulars. If i can find it. It's felicia ballard. Today's her big day. So have your big birthday birthday. Yeah yeah that rosenhaus engage gauge. Even though she did enjoying it it's a joy to share it with my crew. Cre- dared a daredevil. John snowman bradshaw tony shannon heavier and the btc family so happy birthday. I'm good at remembering birthday. July nineteenth. i'll never forget. When's your birthday in august night. I tried you said that last week. And i for governor act. Yeah i remember forever but yes sir you go him sing the heavy burden i song and i'm gonna listen to low happy birthday to you. I thought i can do my throat. My spirit you would normally be much right. Yeah yeah. I'm sure to taking brian spot and that i can't ruin my pipes. You may brian. Anthony davis that guy. Yeah let me times. Is that mentioned we we we gotta quarter here. I think i think we're up to four. We have eleven more to go. Okay okay. I have written down somewhere like i said that bad signal up in the sky having happy birthday to felicia every birthday all right before we continue with our other other topics i actually do you think. Do you think is there anything else you think. They should address. As far i mean there are there are question marks cornerback and maybe even you know still at the line. Although i don't i don't know about that anymore but do you think. Is there anything else that you would want them to address with any of these guys who destroy out there. I think this is going to canada. You wanna keep so much money right now you gotta have the sign And anna case something comes up so i think they had won a substantial signing available. And i think that's they used it for ingram and man. I pleased with that. I mean You know out is no no if we we definitely needed the edge more often And and like i said. Aww it's van it is unproven. Of course right. But i don't know who's out there. That would have necessarily come in that the gavitt you know you really looking at west westerner and they got him right. Yeah i think this was really one of the best decisions they could have made. And then we'll have to see a cut down time you know might come available But you know. That's that's a different avenue there now to me later in the training camp in of course i kind of agree. I think i agree with you. I think they're pretty much done with sign because i think there's there's more potential there at cornerback. As far as young guys that maybe could develop you know. A lot of people are excited by james. Pierre and and i'm one of you liking me. He likes him a lot. So what is it that you like the most about pierre if you had to give your scouting report on him when i started watching him. He's very short memory If he struggles early in games he seems like he really bears down Because even more tense more focused. He doesn't go into the shale so to speak right. You know some guys may they. They get barn a couple of times and they lose confidence and he's always like moves onto the next play. I don't have short term memory loss or what it is but he's always and he's very physical in the running game Willing to see a little bit of that last year he was. My you know mostly used in an obvious fast and situations but He he really comes up and plays run hard. He's physical Aggressive and and I like those two things Plus he's at least six one six one. Six two sets very good length In his the the logger arms Which uses effectively coverage In the jam guys at the line so he can play a little man he could play zone and a witch. That's our emoluments. Stores do right. And so i was excited for him because he could immediately come in and So the physicality in confidence in camp adam expect him to make the roster percent right so that was a pleasant surprise for sure. And that's that's something that you know. We'll we'll never know what they're thinking on these guys but they they might be super excited about a guy like james pair which is why they're not you know they didn't really address the cornerback position in the draft. And maybe that's why they didn't decide to go and search for a a replacement for steven nelson france. Maybe that's one of the reasons why they decided they cut him and save some money. Because they're that confident and play like pierre or perhaps justin lane. I'd say there's probably at this point more of a chance at their at their that. James pierre might be something than than lane but based on last year but then again you know it was his first extensive action you know. So he has any chance to get out there again and see if he's if he's improved at all. But yeah i i like you say there. I think he's He's more of a big physical corn. And what they have they don't they don't have a lot of guys in can if he can. If.

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