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Number one ray oh slubby but if what you us oca her she was kinda like if if there was a slot on my list raise probably the bill she fits the bill and uh you know i guy her boyfriend's friend was coming onto her enda of alluded that it's it's very good it's catches by surprise is not a movie with think would be great let me would upgrade moore a quick because those who love hustle inflow uh i'll heated urban cowboy the tv movie house you didn't did footloose that's right footloose other than followup yes and i never saw the poor and hungry which was the first movie in two thousand and now he directs empire oh osce has home plc action terrace area our number one for me as a kind of an obvious one but i couldn't leave enough elicit did typifies while i'm gone foreign less much like alicea jones but um almost in a more innocent why animals whimsical must force gump as this movie as lot of forrest gump in it i mean in in the in the tone and talking about penny lane kate hudson and almost famous she of course is very promiscuous she is a group your as she rather power would be called all other explainer adherence clay you can now obt phillips threat we are not creepy this is pennies along manchester misspent groupies sleepers rockstars' because they want to be near someone famous we're here because of the music we are bandied she eastward a school for them there we don't have intercourse with these guys we support the music we inspire the music were here because of the mucin mike bowlin broker heart man it's famous long story.

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