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Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of abuse, murder and sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. December thirty, first nineteen, seventy, seven, another freezing morning at Garfield County jail in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, as the early guard, began his shift, he whistled to himself, desperately, trying to inject some cheer into the place. It was new years after all. But, as he made his way further down the row of cells, his whistling stopped at the end of the hall was one cell. He dreaded visiting. Ted. Bundy was Nice, enough charming, even, but the guard knew what he was in for murder. The thought gave him chills. So as he approached Mr Bundy's cell at the end of the hall, he steeled himself. But what he saw when he arrived was off. Ted's dinner tray from the night before had been left untouched, this alone was nothing unusual. Ted had lost his appetite in the last few weeks. Sometimes only taking a few bites of meals every day. It seemed he got an ear. But it wasn't the UNEATEN Food and Ted sell that made the guard uneasy. It was the fact that Ted wasn't up. Usually at that hour, he was wide, awake, reading or clicking away in his typewriter. The looked over at Ted, asleep under some blankets and called his name. Ted didn't stir then he called again louder this time still nothing. The guards mind began to race oh God. Was He dead? The guard unlock the SAL rushed inside the tiny whitewall broom when he pulled back the blanket of the bank. His heart nearly stopped. Underneath was nothing but a pile of books Ted Bundy had escaped again..

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