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Are. Leaving leading running back down the field strive strive. You have to be athlete a fair, and that's you know that's why you'll see Alex. Singleton who was with me on the stampede now plays linebacker heard. You guys like that. You know it's because he can go side to side because he has you covered that the. It's Way More athletes I think it's more. It's not as much of hounding ball is a lot more athletes. Go. Look all those kick returns they're smaller. All Blazers though. Slow guy up there may Terry Williams he was with me in Calgary just signing Edmonton as a real four, two or two, eight, three or three guys still at twenty cents by whom if you get if you get him, he's out run into edge. and. So that's what you. That's what I thinks the biggest difference NFL ball ground how with with the which are bigger receivers up there. You have fast guys you. People got headstarts and stuff. It's real athletes goal. I got I got D N's. De Ends that are really like free seat. He's running off the edge with a one yard head start timing. Timing up the fly motion. Right. On Komo. Motto. Actual handwork you. Guys. Just, look the speed on you with the space. That for me that's I. think that's hard to be in the. Town is pretty. Right. To.

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