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A florence today in places like <hes> florence's oldest active hospital the hospital of santa maria nueva during a visit hometown in july fourteen fifty one scipio sad. I met a young woman katharina and she became pregnant so i guess he did more more than just meet her in case. You don't how babies are made. I put his penis inside of her vagina where it would remain at least for a moment post ejaculation and did this least once then then as would be customary. His family seems to have given her a dowry so that she would have enough value to be married off to another man was crazy saudi again about your time in another sheet. No longer has purity to offer the youngest. Maybe there's a goldstar will find a fellow into the middle to bed data. Allow me to introduce them. Another luigi he particular from about how weird sad is that there's a lot of truth when i joked about like that really that was how people thought of women like a store they woman's value is located primarily just between her legs like she was a car. Won't you be thrown off the lot value depreciated immensely very primitive live <hes> reduction area way to look at somebody. Professor kemp figured all this out manitou property tax records also founded that scipio conducted a minor legal transaction action for caterina's husband another connection linking the artis parents leonardo has no surname in the modern sense. Davinci doesn't come from his dad or you know it has to do with him. Being a bastard just means of vinci as he was born in the village of vinci his full birthday was leonardo. They see a piero da vinci meaning leonardo son of scipio from vinci. He spent his first five years. Mainly in the hamlet of on channel with his mother then lived primarily in the household of his father grandparents grandparents uncle francesco in the small town of vinci on john was essentially it's a neighborhood inside the communist vinci economy and being an administrative division of italy and the commun- boundary so you know sometimes a little different than the city actually ends visually they give it like a tiny american county <hes> not clear exactly why leonardo went to live with his father when he's about about five but since we know that the man was genus most likely showed a glimmer of his future intellectual and artistic abilities when he was a small boy and his father having a lot more means that his mother would be able to provide him with an education that she could not we do know that he didn't go live with his dad because mom died because record show that thirty five years after her son was born katharina went to live with leonardo briefly records showing that he paid for her funeral if katharina and did give him to his birth father to be given opportunity she could not give him a all admit that i'm speculating regarding this but if true wow what incredible sacrifice i'm continually amazed by stories like that from history repair chooses to let someone else raise their kids to give them a better chance of having a comfortable life so incredibly selfless such enormous sacrifice. I can't imagine that was cairo losing them losing time with them. Due to divorce was hard enough incredibly hard very painful can imagine essentially saying goodbye to them hoping or at least you know for for most of their life so that they could have a life that i knew i couldn't give them who oh yeah. He acts feel some emotions talking about that. <hes> so fourteen fifty seven leonardo da vinci five years old goes those live with his dad and his father's wife albena pierrot had married a sixteen.

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