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Human the. Box Guy you. Seemed a little surprised got the, start. This evening well I know about that. He's you know he's not he's a big lanky at six five it's kind of hard. To miss them it's not really surprising that he's gotten the star, Gary Smith, gone with the hot hand you know when your team has strapped for, goals is Nashville is you know. You got a guy that's Generated two goals in, the last two games he got the equalizing goal against Cincinnati a. Couple of weeks ago and then in their last. Match, against Ottawa earned the second penalty earned second. Goal which was a penalty that Michael ultimately converted so when you get any production. Of that level in a team that is conservative is this you gotta keep going with it now McCabe with the head inside the box. Trying to get it up. Towards the goal floats out. Of, Allen's I was pretty. Good, action there, for mobile. City yes speaking of Tucker him, at. Six foot five this national team outside. A lineup with eight guys that are six foot or taller so that is something that. Will probably be at before all three guys in the back line, are six, foot an above as well Eight out of eleven eight eight eight bad at all, although it's not always size it's speed and obviously that's not necessarily a straight compromise but, a city does accelerate speed especially at the attack positions even at. A guy named speedy you're exactly right there just. As, you have an offside here first of the. Game against I believe that actually might have been here at my could have been. Brandon Allen there right at the edge of the city box nothing to threatening coming though from Nashville Ranjit Singh quickly kicks it off Global city. Working it up the.

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