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312981 72 100. Yesterday when we played The TV theme from the Crown Texter said It sounded like a moment of Zen. Yeah, it could pass for that. We're talking about the price of gas yesterday. Wow. Guess by me is a dollar 75 a gallon versus 2 40 in Chicago. Outrageous. Got to go out in the sticks to fill up, I guess, huh? And let's see. I wanted to get to this, um Sarkies. Yeah, we mentioned at an extremely local news yesterday. Great legendary spot in Evanston, now expanding to Avondale. Darkies was always great. After a heavy night of partying, Starkey was the best he is missed, and more more Turkey comments. I guess this is because you were talking about having Turkey at other times of year. Steve I have made Turkey dinner three or four times a year. Turkey is definitely available year round. They do sell turkeys other times? Just not as many also, you could get one now put it in the freezer. They keep up to a year. Well, and you know, because we were talking about having Thanksgiving in July, right? Yeah, That's it. Exactly. Um, let's see here. This is an email from Patricia. I'm a longtime WGN listener. My mom and dad always had. Wally Phillips, son When I was a child, I was disheartened when WGN canceled Kathy and Judy and swore I would never listen to WGN again. But then you came back. Now. There you go. I love your show. I am a retired. I see you are in so resident nurse. I'm up between four and 4 30. I look forward to spending my morning with you. My story is not about WGN. My family watch fox thing in the morning. We all love you and Marianne. My daughter really loved a new shoes. Shoes. Your Friday segment. Yeah, we did. We had somebody who worked with us. Actually, she was my assistant, and she we know is she was wearing the spectacular shoes every day, So we decided to put her shoes on TV. That was the only part of her we showed on TV. I don't really love the new shoes, shoes When she was six, I took her trick or treating in the neighborhood. She rang the doorbell to a house about two blocks from our home and who answered Dinusha. She was so awestruck. It was As if you met a movie star. She talked about it for days. So, Bob, thank you for coming back. And all the hours are rough. I work 12 hour night shifts for many years. I know that feeling of living in a fog when you're constantly sleep deprived. Thank you for spending the morning with me and many other Chicago listeners who have loved you and Marianne for yours. Sincerely, Patty Parsons will Patty Just made my day. But you're the one who deserves a big thank you for all your work as a nurse on we'll be talking Marianne later she's got what is she doing today? I think it's some sort of recipe. Or helpful hints for people. Doing a smaller Thanksgiving this year. A smaller turkey so that's that'll be coming up between 8 39 Today email from Jan. Hi, Bob. Every time Vicky sings the traffic.

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