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By a horse because they don't think there's any engine in this thing But i do like the fact that we don't need horses to pull ourselves around anymore because they don't deserve that it is national day of the deployed. National mincemeat day national mule day so k. texas chicken fried steak day worldwide. Howl at the moon. Day night actually. It's night worldwide. Howl at the moon. Night so i expect that when i go outside tonight What is this. October twenty. Sixth that i should hear lots of people howling at the moon. That won't confuse anybody. I think we got all the holidays. We did it. I'm so impressed with us. I think that is a good place to end this episode. Oh i should say. Because sometimes i put some personal stuff at the end of these. We just started watching. Oh you know back. In the end of september We started watching midnight. Mass on net flicks. It is a new seven part limited series from mike flanagan and It's i think it's technically considered horror. There are some moments. It's mostly sort of dramatic and sorta thriller But there's definitely some some creepy scary stuff in there But it's it's good. We just finished episode four last night. I think four or five so we have two or three left. And i think we're gonna finish them tonight and i'm really excited That's all i got to say to all you. Lovely people until next time. This is spencer dispensing information go by..

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