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I mean, I I was I was a little bit. I wanted to see if he could, you know, explode out to the wide balls and get back for the overhead, and, you know, move like an athlete, you know, because, you know, hittings different story, but try to like get out of the ready position and make these quick movements with a with a hip implant is not very easy, and it's only been three months, but he's been working pretty hard. So he it's just if if you can pull up after about, you know, week stretch of testing and pretty hard if he can not be sore. That's what we're looking for. So but he's excited. I mean us ready to go down under. I mean, he's he's been itching to get back out there since Madrid since he went down with with they have. So it's it's good. It's good to see. What about the the non-physical? I mean, what it's been spent an interesting year for you guys. How's the sort of the telepathy became arteries? Yeah. I was like I was going to go even deeper than that. Chemistry. How's your twin? Telepathy thing going. Pretty good. I mean, we've we've chatted a lot. You know, he's been really supportive when even watching the matches, and you know, I call them right after every match, and and we go through it. And you know, you seems like he's easing good place. I mean, he's he's you know, I think he's really motivated to try to like have a great into the career. You know, he wants to get back out there. And I'm I'm still really motivated. So I think we want to you know, get back and just have a good run two to finish the career. And you know, like, we we just gotta get back out there and do the thing again because it's it's been a while. I mean, I didn't plan use court. Now, I'm going back to the ad, and, but you know, so far I mean, we're we're still we're still getting along. Really? Well, you know, that's that's the main thing, you know, it's being a best friends again. And you know, 'cause we're gonna share a lot of time on tour. So I think we we got that you know, that that kind of win away. I. Thought for a few years. I thought we were struggling with you know, kind of the twin bond that was that was actually hurting for a while. So I think we're we're stronger than ever he's been really really supportive of me. So that's been great. So I I'll I'll linked this on this pockets. I don't know maybe it was like six or seven years ago. I did a long story on you guys in the day before I saw you. I came in. Remember what happened? But you basically you got an a fight over food at a food court. I think he was like eating shrimp and the detail flicked over and hit you and that led do you flip the glasses off his face. And next thing. You know, you guys are like brawling an- food back. And by the time I saw next day. You're back to being you know, lasted about ten ten minutes. And then you're back, but do you guys still? You guys still have your as well. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. I mean we actually had one yesterday. We had a long day. We're gonna photo shoot. You know, it was about an eight hour photo shoot. We're driving back up, and you know, he gets phone out. And he had these these expenditures that I owed them. He's always like you ninety one. I want you to get bin. Mommy. And you know, I had my list we went back and forth. And you know, it got it got pretty heated, you know. And then, you know, check into the hotel. I moved out of the house I checked out. But then we, you know, we talked about it, you know. And and now, you know today was fine. We you know, we had breakfast lunch. Probably gonna have dinner. That's just the way it works with twins. You know, sometimes you hate each other's guts. But then, you know, a couple of minutes later, your best friend. But yeah, those aren't those aren't going anywhere. We're going to still have those it doesn't matter for forty. That that of sibling rivalry thing that it's not going anywhere. I love it. I am curious what last year it'd been having said that what was last year like..

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