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At Oldfield golf club down in South Carolina. And while I was happy for her. I was burning on the inside. I didn't think that she deserved this. I was questioning how the ball actually tracked into the whole. It was rattling across the green doing flight path now. Yeah. Cursing golf coefficient of restitution wise vulne bouncing back into into a penalty area. So Chan's always a very gracious hosts and arranges for us to plane various games, they have they call it men's day, but it's a members day. So there's about for this one on Saturday three threesomes. It was a it was taking too net balls out of the three and they're about five or six groups all very nice guys that I've that I've played with for a number of years. We start on the second which is a long par for. I'm furious I- three-putt for a five and we merely come to number three. It's playing as short par-three one twenty five into the wind. I pay up alleged a knock it in the. The whole borough. I had my first hole in one. In the old field men's day on my second hole, and did you jar it or did it bound landed it landed four inches away and the breeze helped because if you remember I was like, well, if I ever have when I need to land, it really close spin it in the breeze held it online, and it it one hopped in and just settled in the Cup. And I I didn't know if it'd just went to the, you know, back edge. And maybe I couldn't see it any never wanna be that guy that's walking up to a blind shot. You know, maybe it's over the green. Maybe it's an affront bunker. Always like, hey, maybe you should check the bottom of the Cup and the always lean in and there's nothing there. Yards over. No, no. I saw go in. But it's you are you are just beaten down in golf any never want to assume that so I saw go in. But immediately, I'm like, no, it's gotta be hiding mine. The flagstick. I don't know what to do. I'm playing with my father-in-law, I'm playing with with another gentleman. But I'm not with like a young crowd. I'm not in a loud group. So I just I sit there dumbfounded. I don't say anything. And I what it Lee go back four footer in my mind, and I'm angrier than ever that. I let that that. I let that putt for par go because I know this is a card you save. And we get to I text. Listen, I think I had a hole in one and you get the phone out because you wanna get a you wanna get picture with the flag. And I'm and I'm criticizing my mind. My father who doesn't know how to go horizontal versus. Oh, yeah. Flashes on. Yeah. No. So I that you can't just enjoy this. I I wanted to leave I want it. We get to the third tea, and I say, I don't wanna be here anymore..

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