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Mitch albom show news talk seven sixty wjr here on seven sixty wjr i'm gonna go to my resident comedian get here yes ray i want to ask you sorry that's right we have a professional comedian men who gets paid for combat so on fox sports they invited a woman named sarah tiana i i don't know who she is but i guess you sort of a cutting edge comedian somebody's cutting it's comedian yeah the edges not just a person they wanted to the cutting edge as opposed to just the edge of fighting if you have real buys it looks different yes is it like jagged edge okay sunny she's on the cutting and so they invited her to be part of the show nascar race hub so you already starting on a bay yeah yeah yeah comedians and nascar so you're already in a bad situation so they came up with a bit where they had to say the name of a race car driver and then she would come up with like a superlative for that driver so they brought up a driver named daniel suarez and they said what's your superlative what are you what are you have safer daniel suarez and she said he's the least likely to hit is up next oh this is the least likely shannon he's least likely to hit the wall or get close to anyone now that trump is president.

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