Sattar Ronnie, Republican Congress, Daca discussed on Mark Levin



Can be cut they won't cut him they won't cut now he tweets late today 'daddy sattar ronnie waited for the republican congress after seven years to do something to repeal obamacare so he's cherrypicking he doesn't talk about daca where he is completely sold out he doesn't talk about the wall which he said he would shut down to govern completely sold out on that on that threemonth concerning resolution a tweets out two things essentially today late today number one they did nothing on repealing obamacare and number to kill the filibuster now number one let's talk about repealing obamacare republicans were a disgrace but the democrats blocked them on everything on everything so why would you now throw in with the leaders of the democrat party who have undermined the american people who've destroyed our healthcare system who protect every syllable in obamacare statute and the regulations you're going to punish the republicans by joining with schumer pelosi yeah pelosi pelosi who are screwing the american people these sarah gets on tv these columnists they're not smart they're not clever their propagandists their propagandists now he says he wants to tax cuts as soon as possible while we all want tax cuts as soon as possible what's he gonna do throw with schumer and pelosi how will that work now by now here now.

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