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Of sexual assault. Stay tuned with more on these in just minutes for the time now is three 48. We've made it to the weekend. Traffic and whether we bring you all the 8s over to Ian Crawford this morning. And we start in the district, we may have new crash activity D.C. two 95 southbound, your Pennsylvania avenue report of a crash where we get a lot of crash activity, especially when we get weather like this with caution as the first responders go looking for him. Still with issues along the Potomac in the district, rock creek Parkway northbound from the Potomac freeway toward K street northwest lanes blocked for flooding, beach drive, both directions near the zoo tun I've got a big old tree down in the middle of the roadway and there's not much roadway to block there, so yep, all lanes are blocked. In Maryland on the inner loop before Georgia avenue, the Jack dive tracker trailer was last reported over on the right side heaven had an update on this one in some time now On the 50 westbound, after callington road, the crash was over on the left side, river road westbound and last report still blocked at Whittier boulevard for high standing water. That's going to be the order of the morning. There's going to be a lot of highest ending water before we get rid of this rain and the water finally starts to recede, extra caution, if you're just hitting the road this morning, do so with extreme caution. And if you can delay your travel this morning, do so. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor. Virginia beltway, the outer loop, near the Georgetown pike, we had crash activity reported over on the left side. 95 southbound traffic was stopped briefly near the Dale City car rest areas they were trying to get everyone over on the shoulder from the earlier crash at last we're going to be down to a right lane now being blocked and then northbound near the Dale City car rest area lingering crash activity blocking right lane. Hope they've gotten all that stuff out of the roadway down by Stanford that vehicle fire from early in the midnight hour near exit one 40 was over on the right side. Three 95, I believe our crash near glebe road should be done by now. We had crash activity 66 westbound inside the bellway before Leesburg pike at last sport should be a right lane to get by. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. We're in storm team four weather alert mode with a flood watch in effect for the D.C. and Baltimore metro areas until 2 o'clock this afternoon. As rain continues throughout the

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